Dr. Jack Graham

Dr. Jack Graham is the senior pastor of the 42,000-member Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, TX and the founder of PowerPoint Ministries.


LifeNews.com | Center Saving Babies From Abortion Opens Next to Largest Planned Parenthood in Texas

Fox News | Pro-life pregnancy center opens across from largest Planned Parenthood center in Texas

The World News | Pro-life pregnancy center opens across from largest Planned Parenthood center in Texas

[Release] Jack Graham: Racial reconciliation will not become a reality in America until we can trust one another

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[Release] Vice President Pence joins Jack Graham, Greg Laurie and evangelical leaders for National Day of Prayer service

[Release] National Day of Prayer led by Jack Graham, Greg Laurie and Pray.com

Dallas Morning News | Gov. Greg Abbott tells Prestonwood Baptist Church members in Plano to draw on their faith during coronavirus outbreak

Fox News | Texas Gov. Abbott on reopening state during fight against coronavirus: ‘God’s hand is working’

CBN | ‘Put Your Faith in God’: Pastor Jack Graham Interviews TX Gov. Greg Abbott About Having Faith and Forging Ahead of COVID-19

The Associated Press | Trump consults faith leaders on phased-in reopening

[MEDIA ALERT] Jack Graham to interview Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Sunday

[Release] Prestonwood to host blood drive to aid local hospitals, April 7-8

KDFW-TV | Local pastor opens up about depression in the age of COVID-19

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CBN | Trump Admin Stands Against the World to Support Israeli Settlements

Reuters | Trump shift on Israeli settlements fulfills wish list of evangelical base

[Statement] Jack Graham: Decision on West Bank settlements demonstrates US ‘still has the courage to stand with Israel’

The Christian Post | Faith leaders pray with Trump at White House; highlight president’s accomplishments

Fox News | Evangelical leaders gather to pray for Trump at White House, blasting impeachment effort

Fox News | Jack Graham: What I learned about God the day my father died

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CBN | Prayer Is NOT a Worthless Response: What Greg Laurie, Jack Graham, and Franklin Graham Say About the Shootings

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CBN | Saints QB Drew Brees Partners with Prestonwood Baptist to Bring First Football ‘N’ America League to TX

The Christian Post | West Virginia church to give 100 backpacks filled with school supplies to kids in need

The Christian Post | Texas megachurch ministering to migrants, patrol agents at the border

One News Now | Dire warning about socialism creeping into Christianity

Faithwire | Understaffed Border Agents, Texas Churches Are Helping Migrant Children Survive Border Crisis

The Christian Post | Evangelical divide explodes over migrant children after Jerry Falwell Jr. slams Russell Moore

[Release] Prestonwood Worship Releases new EP ‘Breath & Clay’

The Christian Post | Jack Graham on 30 Years at Prestonwood, SBC combating church sex abuse and female preachers (Q&A)

The Christian Post | SBC getting ‘sidetracked’ by debate over women preaching, Jack Graham warns

[Statement] Jack Graham releases statement on D-Day 75

Baptist Press | Franklin Graham calls for June 2 prayer for Trump

Christianity Today | Franklin Graham Declared a Day of Prayer for President Trump. Christian Leaders Weigh In.

RNS | Franklin Graham ‘burdened’ to pray for a president he says is under attack

Baptist News Global | Prominent Southern Baptists join Franklin Graham’s call for day of prayer for President Donald Trump

The Christian Post | Franklin Graham announces ‘special day of prayer’ against enemies of President Trump

NRB | Special Day of Prayer for the President Called for Sunday, June 2


[Release] Prestonwood Baptist Church to honor Veterans and Active Duty Personnel at 3rd annual ‘Serving Our Heroes Luncheon,’ Tuesday, May 21

The Christian Post | 21 Christian leaders: Equality Act would gut religious freedom protections

The Dallas Morning News | Letters: Dallas ISD, Gov. Greg Abbott, evangelism, vaccinations, Confederate icons

The Dallas Morning News | I’m a Southern Baptist pastor, and here’s why I oppose a Texas bill to imprison women who receive abortions

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[Release] Prestonwood en Español celebrates 10 years of exponential growth

Charisma | International Body of Christ Bands Together to Pray for Sri Lanka

[Statement] Jack Graham releases statement on Sri Lanka Easter Sunday attacks

Fox News | Jack Graham: Why Tiger Woods’ comeback is an Easter story

CBN | ‘Israel Has a Right to Exist’: Evangelicals Help President Trump Craft Middle East Peace Plan

[Release] Prestonwood Baptist Church to host ‘Anchored,’ a conference to empower men to become better leaders, Friday, March 29

Fox News | Pastor: I was in a time of great pain and weakness. Here’s what shocked me most

Baptist Press | Tim Tebow visits students for their Night to Shine

[Release] Prestonwood announces The King’s Academy, a new Christian school in South Dallas

[Release] Tim Tebow surprises students at Prestonwood Baptist Church

Yahoo News | Trump emerges as an unexpected champion in the White House for evangelicals

ABC | Trump emerges as an unexpected champion in the White House for evangelicals

Charisma | ‘License to Kill Unborn Babies’: Faith Leaders Lament New York’s Horrifying New Abortion Law

[Statement] Jack Graham: NY’s Reproductive Health Act is a license to kill

CBN | Hypocrisy, ‘Homicide’, and ‘Horrors’: New York’s Brand New ‘License to Kill’ Viable Babies Sparks Intense Outrage

[Statement] Jack Graham on 46th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Jan. 22


Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette | House OKs justice-system overhaul

The Atlantic | Trump’s Evangelical Advisers Could Help Him Secure a Win on Sentencing Reform

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[Statement] Jack Graham on FIRST STEP Act: This is what the gospel is about

The Christian Post | Veterans Day Reminds Us We All Carry Wounds, but There Is Hope

[Release] Prestonwood Baptist Church Launches Addiction Recovery and Mental Health Care Ministry

Charisma | Major Faith Leaders Turn to Isaiah for Comfort in the Wake of the Pittsburgh Jewish Massacre

[Statement] Jack Graham: Before this tragedy gets lost in politics, remember the victims

RNS | Andrew Brunson freed after telling court, ‘I love Jesus, I love Turkey’

[Statement] Jack Graham: Welcome home, Pastor Brunson

Newsmax | Religious Leaders, Politicians Celebrate Release of US Pastor Andrew Brunson

Charisma | BREAKING: Pastor Andrew Brunson Set Free

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[Release] Prestonwood Worship Choir Nominated for Dove ‘Choral Collection of the Year’ Award

The New York Times | How the Willow Creek Church Scandal Has Stunned the Evangelical World

CBN | These Pastors Are Changing the World for Jesus: ‘This Group Can Move Mountains’

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Liberty University | Liberty University soccer staff join pastors in outreach to immigrant children

Charisma | Jentezen Franklin Recounts First-Hand Visit With Migrant Children

The Atlantic | Even Never Trump Evangelicals Might Be Swayed by the Supreme Court

The Christian Post | Evangelical Leaders Serve Lunch, Bring Fun and Gifts to Trafficked Immigrant Children

CBN | Largest Hispanic Christian Ministry Joins Friends of Zion to Fight Rising Anti-Semitism

Charisma | Largest Hispanic Christian Ministry Joins Friends of Zion to Fight Rising Anti-Semitism

Baptist Press | Evangelical leaders embrace Kavanaugh nomination

Charisma | Jentezen Franklin, Paula White and Samuel Rodriguez Laud President’s Nomination of Kavanaugh for Supreme Court

The Christian Post | 7 Reactions From Christian Leaders to Trump’s Nominee Brett Kavanaugh for US Supreme Court

[Statement] Jack Graham Congratulates President Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh

Chicago Tribune | ‘I will vote for him again’: Evangelicals rejoice as Trump picks Kavanaugh for Supreme Court

The Seattle Times | As Trump picks Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, evangelicals rejoice: ‘I will vote for him again’

Newsmax | Religious Right Cheers SCOTUS Pick Brett Kavanaugh

The Washington Post | As Trump picks Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, evangelicals rejoice: ‘I will vote for him again’

[Release] At Prestonwood Baptist Church VBS, Children Raise $24,600 for Missions

Times of Israel | Ivanka Trump Gave $50,000 To Help Migrant Kids, Texas Church Says

The Dallas Morning News | Prestonwood aims to help children at the border

Fox News | Ivanka Trump donates $50,000 to Texas megachurch to help migrant children: pastor

[Statement] Jack Graham Reacts to SCOTUS Decision to Block California Law Forcing Pregnancy Centers to Promote Abortions

WSVN | Ivanka Trump donates $50,000 to Dallas megachurch to help migrant children

The Dallas Morning News | Ivanka Trump donates $50,000 to Plano’s Prestonwood church to aid its campaign to help migrant children

The Christian Post | Pastor Jack Graham Shares How Ivanka Trump’s $50K Donation Will Help Immigrant Children at Border

Fox News | How to find peace when you’re feeling under pressure

[Press Release] At Weekend Church Service Pastor Jack Graham Thanks Ivanka Trump for Her Generosity

CBN | Texas Pastor Thanks Ivanka Trump for Her Generosity to Help Church’s Ministry to Detained Border Kids

Independent Journal Review | Ivanka Quietly Donated Thousands to TX Church Helping Immigrant Children in Midst of Border Policy Outcry

Independent Journal Review | Ivanka Quietly Donated Thousands to TX Church Helping Immigrant Children in Midst of Border Policy Outcry

Faithwire | Dads: Take This Challenge For Father’s Day And Your Family Will Thank You

Baptist Press | Pastors’ Conf. sounds call to ‘Fulfill Your Ministry’

The Christian Post | SBC President Candidate JD Greear Reveals Most Difficult Questions About God in His Heart

Baptist Press | SBC DALLAS: Welcome!

Fox News | What D-Day teaches us about prayer

[Statement] Jack Graham Releases Statement on SCOTUS Masterpiece Cakeshop Case Ruling

Fox News | Here are ten ways to pray for our high school graduates

Charisma | Megachurch Pastor: This Is Where a Spirit-Filled Woman Finds Her True Worth

[Release] Prestonwood Baptist Church Honors Veterans and Active Duty Military Personnel with Free Luncheon


Charisma | 3 Things You Must Remember While You Wait for the End Times

Faithwire | 3 Words Of Encouragement While We Wait for Christ’s Return

The Hudson Institute

Newsmax | Gaza Violence Can’t Mar the Beauty of Thriving Israel

Charisma | Megachurch Pastor Answers Your Questions About the Biblical Case for the Jerusalem Embassy

[Release] Prestonwood Baptist Church Celebrates Mother’s Day with New Mobile Sonogram Unit for Pregnancy Center

The Washington Examiner | Jared Kushner strengthens evangelical ties to Trump, this time over prison reform

The Salt Lake Tribune | Trump announces faith-based effort on National Day of Prayer; Mormon women’s leader Jean Bingham prays at White House ceremony

NRB | Harvest America Returns to Dallas-Fort Worth June 10

The Washington Post | Amid Stormy Daniels news, Trump announces faith-based effort on National Day of Prayer

NBC 4 | Trump Signs Executive Order Creating White House Faith-Based Initiative

The Stream | President Launches Faith-Based Initiative on the National Day of Prayer

The Washington Times | How prayer is in America’s DNA

The Christian Post | Franklin Graham, Paula White, About 200 Evangelical Leaders Tell Congress to Pass Prison Reform Bill

Baptist Press | Scott & Gowdy voice hope via ‘unlikely friendship’

BRnow | Crossover again to showcase Harvest America outreach

[Release] Pastor Jack Graham to Interview Sen. Tim Scott and Rep. Trey Gowdy

Baptist Press | Crossover again to showcase Harvest America outreach

Christian Today | US vice-president Mike Pence meets Southern Baptist megachurch pastors

The Christian Post | Dozens of Megachurch Pastors Meet With Mike Pence, White House Staff During Retreat

CW 33 | Church holds Easter at The Star event with Tony Romo at new Frisco facility

CBN | Did Pope Francis Say Hell Doesn’t Exist?

[Statement] Pastor Jack Graham Responds to Pope Francis’ Statement That ‘There Is No Hell’

[Release] Prestonwood Baptist Church to Celebrate Easter at The Star in Frisco with Tony Romo as Special Guest

Ecumenical News | US evangelical leaders urge prayer for peace on Korean Peninsula

The Christian Post | James Dobson Says Republicans Betrayed Christians by Funding Planned Parenthood

The Christian Post | Greg Laurie, Jim Wallis, Diverse Group of Evangelicals Unite in Prayer for Korean Peninsula

Christian Today | Now even US evangelical leaders criticise Trump for ‘immoral’ spending bill

Charisma | Major Christian Leaders From All Denominations Issue Urgent Call to Prayer Over Korean Peninsula

The Christian Post | Evangelical Leaders: Trump Showed ‘Moment of Weakness’ by Signing ‘Immoral’ Spending Bill

[Statement] Pastor Jack Graham on NIFLA v. Becerra SCOTUS Hearing: The Reproductive FACT Act Is an Assault on 1st Amendment

[Statement] Pastor Jack Graham Celebrates Nomination of CIA Director Mike Pompeo for Secretary of State

Christianity Today | Will Trump’s New Secretary of State Prioritize Religious Freedom?

Baptist Press | Billy Graham funeral attendees reflect, marvel

Christian Daily | Controversy rages over religious freedom in public schools in America’s fastest-growing city

Baptist Press | Billy Graham funeral capped by Gospel invitation

CBN | Christian Leader Visiting Israel: ‘The Bible is Like the GPS of Israel’

National Catholic Reporter | Battle over religion in public schools waged in one of America’s fastest-growing cities

Deseret News | Battle over religion in public schools waged in one of America’s fastest-growing cities

The Christian Post | Benjamin Netanyahu Extends Condolences to Billy Graham’s Granddaughter at Meeting in Israel

NRB | NRB Members React to Passing of Billy Graham

BRnow | Billy Graham’s impact praised by Baptist leaders

The Atlantic | Billy Graham, the Great Uniter, Leaves Behind a Divided Evangelicalism

The Indianapolis Star | Donald Trump, Mike Pence join faith leaders in reaction to Billy Graham’s death

The Dallas Morning News | Texans react to Graham’s death: ‘Billy is at home with the Lord’

Baptist Press | Billy Graham’s impact praised by Baptist leaders

The Baptist Standard | Texans recall famous evangelist Billy Graham as humble servant

Charisma | Christians Worldwide Celebrate the Life of Billy Graham

[Statement] Dr. Jack Graham Celebrates Life of Billy Graham

The Christian Post | US Evangelical Leaders and Megachurch Pastors Visit Jerusalem, Pray in Magdala

BRnow | Trump’s faith focus of book, advisors’ reflections

Todd Starnes | Pastor: School District Told Us To Remove Cross From Sanctuary

Breitbart | Texas School District Changes Graduation Venue after Atheist Group’s Protests

The Christian Post | Texas School District Ends Church Graduation Tradition Over Refusal to Remove Cross

Newsmax | Texas Pastor Pans ‘Disappointing’ Move by District to Pull HS Graduation

[Statement] Dr. Jack Graham, Pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church, Responds to McKinney School District Controversy

The Christian Post | Atheist Group Forces Arkansas High School to Remove Bible Verse, Gospel Song Displays From Choir Room

Fox 4 | Religious debate prompts McKinney ISD to move graduations

Christian Today | Ivanka Trump discusses government’s top 2018 initiatives with Franklin Graham, other U.S. evangelical leaders

The Christian Post | Franklin Graham, Greg Laurie, Evangelical Leaders Discuss 2018 With Ivanka Trump

[Statement] Dr. Jack Graham: At NPB, America Saw President Trump ‘Recognize God’s Grace’

Baptist Press | Trump at Prayer Breakfast: ‘Lord’s grace all around us’

Ministry Today | Megachurch Pastor Helps Save 42,500 Children’s Lives Because He Followed a Simple Call

[Statement] Dr. Jack Graham: This Is Darkest Day for the Unborn Since Roe v Wade

Faithwire | The First Step In Ending Abortion: Care For The Mother

Charisma | Megachurch Pastor Helps Save 42,500 Children’s Lives Because He Followed a Simple Call

The Christian Post | The Decision of Roe v. Wade Killed 60 Million Babies, Can One Ministry Make Difference?

RNS | Is Trump widening a rift between the evangelicals and Mideast Christians?

[Release] Prestonwood Baptist Church’s ‘The Gift of Christmas’ Sells Out, 68,000 to See and Hear the Story of Jesus’ Birth

The Gospel Herald | Trump Honored with ‘Friends of Zion Award’ for Jerusalem Move; Paula White Praises President for ‘Keeping His Promises’

The Christian Post | Evangelical Leaders Pray With Trump in Oval Office, Present Him ‘Friends of Zion’ Award

Baptist Press | Jerusalem: Trump declaration sparks Baptists’ reactions

Tru News | Evangelical Faith Leaders Weigh in on Jerusalem Decision

The White House | WTAS: Support For President Trump’s Decision To Recognize Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital

[Statements] The KAIROS Company Releases Reactions to President Trump’s Decision to Designate Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

Charisma | Paula White, Samuel Rodriguez, Mike Huckabee and Jentezen Franklin All Agree On This One Thing

The Christian Post | Demand for Church Security Seminar High in Wake of Shooting; Texas Megachurch to Host a Second

[Statement] Dr. Jack Graham: ‘The Only Thing Jack Phillips Is Guilty of Is Being a Good Christian’

RNS | God and guns: Texas pastors undergo security training a month after Sutherland Springs

Deseret News | God and guns: Texas pastors undergo security training a month after Sutherland Springs massacre

Prosper Press | Prestonwood Christian Academy leaders announce expansion of PCA North

[Media Advisory] Church Security in the 21st Century, Tuesday, Dec. 5, at Prestonwood Baptist Church

[Statement] Dr. Jack Graham’s Thanksgiving Prayer for America

The Washington Times | Rediscovering the Bible lost in America

Fox 6 | Security becomes a top priority for churches after Texas massacre

[Release] Prestonwood Baptist Church Hosts Free Church Security Seminar, Tuesday, Dec. 5

The Christian Times | Churches consider tightening security, arming congregants, following Sutherland Springs massacre

The Washington Post | After Texas church massacre, a push for armed guards and gun-packing parishioners

RNS | Churches look to tighten security, even arm congregants, after Texas shooting

Christian Today | ‘A demonic act of wanton murder’: Christian leaders on Texas church

[Statement] Dr. Jack Graham Releases Statement on Church Shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas

[Press Release] Prestonwood Baptist Church Celebrates 40 Years of Impact in North Texas and the World

[Release] Dr. Jack Graham Calls Christians to Pray for Families of Manhattan Attack Victims

The Gospel Herald | Russell Moore Urges Churches to Call White Supremacy ‘Devilish,’ ‘Antithetical to The Gospel’

Western Recorder | Evangelical leaders call for help for Dreamers

The Tennessee Star | Evangelical Groups Differ on DACA

[Statements] National Religious Leaders React to Las Vegas Tragedy