Jentezen Franklin

Pastor Jentezen Franklin is the Senior Pastor of Free Chapel, a multi campus church. Each week his television program Kingdom Connection is broadcast on major networks all over the world. Franklin is a New York Times best-selling author and winner of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Mantle of Destiny Award for his efforts on racial reconciliation.


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[Release] The Jentezen Franklin ‘Legacy Bible’ — 30 Years in the Making — is Finally Here

[Release] The Jentezen Franklin ‘Legacy Bible’ — 30 Years in the Making — is Finally Here

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[Release] Free Chapel Music Releases “Here I Am,” EP Sept. 7

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The Christian Post | Paula White Gives Trump Bible Signed by Evangelical Leaders During White House Dinner

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FiveThirtyEight | Why Rank-And-File Evangelicals Aren’t Likely To Turn On Trump Over Family Separation

[Release] Thousands of Students to Gather at Infinite Energy Arena for Forward Conference This June


The New York Times | Evangelical Leaders Lament Border Separations, but Stand Behind Trump

The Atlantic | Religious Leaders Condemn Family Separations—but Not Necessarily Trump

The Washington Examiner | White House to evangelical critics: ‘Open your doors’ to undocumented families

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[Statement] Jentezen Franklin Responds to the Suicide of Anthony Bourdain, Says the “World Needs Hope”

Charisma | Jentezen Franklin Responds to Recent String of Celebrity Suicides

WMAZ | ‘What the world need is hope’ | Suicides rising, 10th leading cause of death in U.S.

The Christian Post | Pastor Jentezen Franklin, Dream Center Open Women Veterans Home

[Statement] Pastor Jentezen Franklin, Free Chapel and the Los Angeles Dream Center Commemorate Memorial Day by Partnering to Create Veterans Home for Women

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The Christian Post | 5 Reasons We Should Always Support Israel

Breitbart | EXCLUSIVE: American Christians Celebrate Historic Opening of U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem

Faithwire | 5 Reasons Why Christians Should Always Support Israel

[Statement] Jentezen Franklin Celebrates Release of ‘Courageous Christian Leaders’ in North Korea, Prays for More Steps Toward Religious Liberty

Charisma | From Franklin Graham to Greg Laurie, Christian Leaders Praise North Korea’s Hostage Release

[Release] Jentezen Franklin’s New Book, Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt, Reaches #1 on CBA Best-Sellers List

The Washington Examiner | Jared Kushner strengthens evangelical ties to Trump, this time over prison reform

Newsmax | Jared Kushner Discusses Prison Reform With 150 Evangelical Leaders

Charisma | How You Can Participate in the National Day of Prayer

[Statement] Observing the National Day of Prayer, Pastor Jentezen Franklin Says God is “Still Speaking”

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[Statement] Pastor Jentezen Franklin Celebrates the ‘Constant Miracle’ of Israel’s Independence

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[Statement] Pastor Jentezen Franklin Calls for Prayer for the Ongoing ‘Spiritual Battle’ in Syria

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Missions Box | Free Chapel to Open Church Campus in the Heart of Midtown Atlanta on April 8, Pastor Jentezen Franklin Preaching Live

Charisma | Did Martin Luther King Jr. Prophesy His Own Death Three Years Before Assassination?

[Release] Free Chapel to Open Church Campus in the Heart of Midtown Atlanta on April 8, Pastor Jentezen Franklin Preaching Live

The Gainesville Times | Free Chapel church adding campus in Midtown Atlanta

[Statement] Pastor Jentezen Franklin, Recipient of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Mantle of Destiny Award, Calls on the Church to “Fulfill MLK’s Dream”

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The Gainesville Times | Billy Graham remembered as ‘good face for the church of Jesus Christ in the world’

Univision | Es tiempo de hacer lo correcto para los dreamers

Univision | It’s time to do the right thing for Dreamers

[Statement] Pastor Jentezen Franklin Commends President’s National Prayer Breakfast Speech, Issues Call to Remember Persecuted Christians

[Statement] Pastor Jentezen Franklin Reacts to State of the Union: Commends President Trump’s Promise to Protect ‘Dreamers’ and Tackle Prison Reform, Calls for ‘Racial Reconciliation’

Faith Family America | Christian Leaders React to Trump’s State of the Union