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[Release] Woodland Public Schools, local community help international children’s choir during coronavirus quarantine

[Release] COVID-19 left an international children’s choir stranded in the US. A local community stepped up to take care of them

Fox News | Cuban pastors ‘spread the gospel and help save lives’ on their coronavirus masks

Charisma | How One Mother Trapped in Sexual Slavery Refuses to Let Her Daughter Suffer This Pain

The Christian Post | International Women’s Day: Have you heard of sex slave tradition nari mata?

The Hill | A militant group you may not know kills hundreds of Christians every year

CBN | ‘We Are Asking People to Pray’: Chinese Stockpiling Food as Virus Fears Increase

WSET-TV Online | World Help helping fight Coronavirus in China

Newsmax | Girls in India: A Success Story Escaping Sex Trade

The Christian Post | Christian group sends face masks, food to China as coronavirus death toll rises above 1,000

Newsmax | National Human Trafficking Awareness Day: Poverty Robs Girls of Dignity

Fox News | Vernon Brewer: Here are some good news stories you may have missed this year

Fox News | Noel Yeatts: New Year’s resolutions that matter — four ways you can change the world

[Release] World Help announces $130,000 matching gift opportunity to impact 32,500 people in need

Newsmax | Speaking Out on Behalf of Girls in Thailand This Christmas

Newsmax | Helping Girls Find Freedom From Modern-Day Slavery on Human Rights Day

[Release] World Help gift catalog offers shoppers an opportunity to impact lives this holiday season

Frontpage Magazine | ‘Too Many to Count’: The Global Persecution of Christians

CBN | Ammar Chose Christ, Then His Muslim Wife Turned Him in to Be Beaten – He Lost Everything but His Faith

Newsmax | Social Media Targets Christians in New Kind of Genocide

One News Now | Update on Bahamas: ‘Everything was taken’ from them

CBN | ‘Convert or Be Killed!’ Expectant Mother Pays Ultimate Price in Jihadist Massacre

Newsmax | Victims of Sex Trafficking Often Punished While Pimps, ‘Johns’ Walk Free

One News Now | Normalization makes us numb to sex industry

[Release] World Help provides aid for Syrian refugees in response to new crisis

Newsmax | What Shocked Me Most Visiting the Bahamas After Hurricane Dorian

[Release] World Help sending generators donated by Champion Power Equipment to hurricane victims in the Bahamas

LifeZette | Survivors in the Bahamas Need Our Help Immediately

[Release] World Help activates crisis response program to provide aid to victims of Hurricane Dorian

The Christian Post | Hollywood is driving global sex trafficking epidemic by glamorizing porn, Christian activist says

The Christian Post | Refugees discover they can’t go home again

Newsmax | 7 Myths About Child Sponsorship

Fox News | Vernon Brewer: North Korea is top persecutor of Christians in the world

The Washington Examiner | Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest reminds us we need to keep fighting human trafficking

Fox News | Vernon Brewer: 526 civilians are dead — but you probably haven’t heard about it

Newsmax | On World Day Against Child Labor, Get Kids Into the Classroom

[Release] World Help calls for volunteers to help prepare $5 million worth of humanitarian aid to send overseas

Newsmax | Providing Girls in India With Another Option

Newsmax | Making Mother’s Day a Happy Time Around the World

Charisma | 2 Ways to Help Venezuela Right Now

The Christian Post | Venezuela: One of the world’s most volatile countries

Newsmax | Deadliest Moments in Venezuela Not Caught on Camera

Charisma | Venezuelan Pastor: A Curse Has Destroyed Our Country

Christian Today | The baking school that means freedom for girls trapped in Thailand’s sex industry

Charisma | ‘We Saw 1000 Muslims Become Christ-Followers’

Newsmax | On Easter, Millions of Christians Will Be Worshipping in Secret

The Christian Post | How much do you know about global hunger?

Newsmax | You’re Probably Wealthier Than Half the World’s Population

The Christian Post | Feed the stomach, feed the mind

The Christian Post | World Help facilitating aid to help Zimbabwe recover in aftermath of devastating Cyclone Idai

[Release] On World Water Day, World Help provides clean water to victims of Cyclone Idai in Zimbabwe

Newsmax | Women Are Water Warriors

Christian Today | Christians respond after deadly cyclone tears across Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe

Faithwire | ‘Whole Villages Are Gone’: Calls For Prayer After Devastating Cyclone Hits Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi

[Release] World Help sends emergency aid following cyclone disaster in Zimbabwe

Newsmax | International Women’s Day: The Best and Worst of Times to Be a Woman

Faithwire | What Christians Should Be Praying For During The North Korean Summit

CBN | Trump Slams Socialism for Destroying Venezuela, Christian Groups Fight to Get Food, Medicine to Suffering Citizens

The Christian Post | Venezuela crisis: Christian group providing emergency aid, food for starving

[Release] World Help provides emergency aid to starving Venezuelans as political crisis reaches boiling point

WSET | World Help aiding those in Venezuela hunger crisis

[Release] World Help announces baking school to help women escape sex industry in Thailand

[Release] World Help launches food and relief to aid starving families in Yemen

CBN | ‘Entire Communities Have Been Destroyed’: How This Christian Aid Group Is Helping Syrian Refugees

The Christian Post | This Christmas, don’t forget suffering Syrian refugees, implores Christian aid group

[Release] One Degree partners with World Help to bring Christmas to refugees near Syrian border

Faithwire | How Hundreds Found Hope In ‘Hell On Earth’ In Guatemala

Faithwire | In North Korea, There Is One Homework Assignment This Christian Wished He’d Never Done

[Release] World Help brings Christmas to refugees near Syrian border

Faithwire | She Lost Her Daughter, Then Her Husband. But, With God’s Help, She Found Joy In India.

Faithwire | ‘After Kelly Died, My Husband Was a Mess’: How One Couple Found Purpose After Tragedy

Faithwire | He Went To Have His Leg Treated. He Left With A New Faith.

[Release] Huntington Beach native provides clean water to thousands through Thanksgiving Day race

Index Journal | Children of the World choir coming to Honea Path

Local 12 | Children of the World Choir visits Cincinnati

[Release] World Help launches Facebook Live show to share how Americans can turn holiday shopping into social good

Faithwire | North Koreans Christians Desperate For Bibles, Forced to Hold Meetings in Middle of Rivers to Avoid Capture

Christian Headlines | North Korean Christians ‘Desperate’ for Bibles, Risking Death to Acquire a Copy

[Release] World Help equips American Christians to pray for their persecuted brothers and sisters

Faithwire | 4 Ways To Pray For Persecuted Christians

Faithwire | How My Cancer Saved People In Russia

WSET | World Help aiding those impacted in Indonesia

[Release] World Help activates crisis response program to help Indonesia’s disaster victims

This Week | Children’s Choir to present free concert

[Release] World Help provides relief to Nicaraguans amid growing unrest

[Release] International children’s choir embarks on nationwide tour to tell stories of refugees

Christian Examiner | Hurricane Florence Tracker: 300,000 Without Power, Floods Strand People on Roofs as East Coast Hit

[Release] World Help prepares emergency response for Hurricane Florence

The News & Advance | APCo, Foster Fuels and others prep personnel, equipment and supplies for areas hit hardest by Florence

The Christian Post | Ending Physical and Spiritual Famine

The Christian Post | The People of Kerala, India, Need Our Help

[Release] World Help Activates Crisis Response Program to Aid India Flood Victims

WDBJ | Lynchburg man helping to bring clean water to Guatemala

[Release] World Help Deploys Emergency Aid to Help Victims of Devastating Floods in Myanmar

[Release] Lynchburg restaurant owner and fitness coach partners with World Help to provide clean water to Guatemala

[Release] World Help Spearheads Effort to Help Guatemala’s Volcano Survivors Rebuild

Fox News | The Guatemala volcano killed my friends’ families, but not their hope. They need our help

Charisma | Trump Confronted Kim Jong Un About Atrocities Against Christians

Faithwire | 4 Prayers For The North Korean Summit

The Stream | Christian Relief Leader: What the Media Won’t Tell You About North Korea

The Stream | Christian Relief Leader: What the Media Won’t Tell You About North Korea

Faithwire | Pastor’s Final Act of Faith Before Tragic Death in Volcano

WSET | World Help offers support to Guatemala volcano victims

The Christian Post | Guatemala Volcano: Pastor’s Body Found Embracing Pulpit at Church, 17 Members of His Family Dead

10 News | God’s Pit Crew sending Blessing Buckets to Guatemala in wake of deadly volcanic eruption

Martinsville Bulletin | Got’s Pit Crew sending help to Guatemala after volcano eruption

WDBJ | World Help sending supplies to Guatemala volcano victims

[Release] World Help responds to volcano’s devastation in Guatemala

Fox News | We can’t ignore Venezuela’s crisis

The Christian Post | Remembering the Mothers Who Didn’t Get a Mother’s Day

Fox News | People are still suffering in North Korea — Don’t let smiles and handshakes fool you

Charisma | From Franklin Graham to Greg Laurie, Christian Leaders Praise North Korea’s Hostage Release

The Houston Chronicle | How a clean-water well disrupted a 500-year-old sex industry [Opinion]

Charisma | Unless Something Changes, History Will Write This as a Moment of Failure for the Global Christian Church

[Release] World Help Ships 1,440 Buckets of Blessings to Guatemala

Charisma | Christians Worldwide Plead For Urgent Intercession After Syria Bombings

WDBJ | God’s Pit Crew and World Help to deliver Blessing Buckets to Guatemala

Go Dan River | God’s Pit Crew launches new international program

[Press Release] World Help Sends Help and Hope in a Bucket of Blessings

The Christian Times | Christian charities send aid to Syrians following deadly chemical attack

[Release] World Help to Send Aid Following Chemical Attack in Syria

CBN | ‘We Cannot Fail Them!’: Christian Organizations Help Desperate Syrians Following Chemical Attack

WSET | Forest-based World Help aids Syria chemical attack victims, looks for donations

Point of View | Monday, April 2, 2018

Breitbart | North Korean Christians Live in Fear Their Children Will Expose Them

Charisma | Major Christian Leaders From All Denominations Issue Urgent Call to Prayer Over Korean Peninsula

Charisma | Christians Worldwide Celebrate the Life of Billy Graham

[Statement] World Help President Vernon Brewer Honors Billy Graham’s Life and Legacy

The Miami Herald | A group of women in India has been saying “Me, too” for 500 years

[Statement] World Help VP Noel Yeatts: ‘There should be no slaves today’

[Press Release] World Help Provides Bibles for North Korean Christians to Celebrate Christmas

The Christian Times | Christian organization hosts ‘Night of Freedom’ in Thailand to offer sex workers chance to escape ‘cultural slavery’

The Christian Post | Christian Missionaries Give 244 Thai Sex Workers Chance to Escape ‘Cultural Slavery’

[Release] World Help’s Christmas ‘Freedom’ Parties Offer Thai Women a Chance to Escape the Sex Industry

[Media Advisory] World Help President Vernon Brewer to Give Update on Refugees in the Middle East, Monday, Dec. 4

[Statement] World Help president reminds us that fight against AIDS is not over

The News & Advance | Photos: Charles Billingsley performs Christmas songs

[Release] World Help provides shoppers a way to make a difference during this holiday season

[Statement] World Help President Vernon Brewer Encourages Generosity for the Less Fortunate During This Season of Giving

[Statement] World Help President Vernon Brewer Encourages Generosity for the Less Fortunate During This Season of Giving

CBN | North Korea: Where Getting Caught with a Bible Means a Death Sentence

[Release] World Help Responds to Emergency Needs of Victims of Earthquake near Iraq-Iran Border

The Christian Post | My Prayer After Hearing From Koreans

Christianity Today | After Texas Shooting, Christians Unite to Pray Against Persecution

Daily Journal | Choir comes to Parkland

Christian Daily | Christian activists use ingenuous methods to smuggle Bibles into North Korea

The Christian Times | Christian group launches donation drive in effort to send 100,000 Bibles to North Korea

TruNews | World Help: Not Enough Bibles for North Korean Demand

The Christian Post | Not Enough Bibles to Meet Growing Demand in North Korea; Group Aims to Send 100,000

Fox News | Operation Bible Smuggling: How Christian texts infiltrate North Korea

[Media Advisory] World Help President Vernon Brewer to Give Update on State of Christian Persecution in North Korea, Monday, Oct. 9

[Press Release] Art Exhibit to Benefit African Orphans and Refugees

[Press Release] Children of the World choir sings for refugee children worldwide

Christian Today | The unseen culprits behind human trafficking

Charisma | Major Christian Leaders Rebuke the ‘Monster’ Coming Straight for the US

[Press Release] World Help organizes preemptive disaster response, Plans in place to help victims as Hurricane Irma makes landfall

The Herald Dispatch | Children’s choir to perform at Putnam church

MSN | North Korea: How Christians survive in the world’s most anti-Christian nation

Fox News | North Korea: How Christians survive in the world’s most anti-Christian nation

The Blaze | Christianity grows in North Korea despite torture, persecution

The Christian Post | ISIS Defeated in Mosul but Humanitarian Fight Has Just Begun

[Press Release] World Help delivers hope to South Sudanese refugees Food and Bibles are distributed at refugee camp in Uganda

Reflector | Ripple effect: Area companies help impoverished countries through the gift of clean water

The Christian Post | Former Pastor Helping Over 700 Cambodia Sex Trafficking Victims, 13-Y-O Girls Sold by Mothers for Rape

EWTN | Vernon Brewer discusses North Korean persecution on EWTN

The Christian Post | Refugee Fathers Who Changed My Life

[Press Release] World Help impacts more than 3 million lives in 2016

[Press Release] World Help’s Children Of The World Choir Wraps Up National Tour

[Press Release] North Carolina, Virginia Residents to Run for Clean Water

The Gazette-Virginian | Children choir in concert at Beth Car Baptist Church

Charisma News | Is President Trump on a Christian Pilgrimage?

[Release] World Help Represented At New York Stock Exchange

[Statement] Mark Nation Calls on Business Leaders to Join World Help in Fight Against Sexual Slavery by Observing Freedom Friday

CBN | ‘Give up Your Friday Night’ – A New Way to Help Trafficking Victims

The Blaze | VP Mike Pence faces immense backlash after saying Christians are ‘most persecuted’ in the world

The Christian Post | Christians Urged to Take ‘One Night Stand for Freedom,’ Help Girls Deprived of Humanity in Sex Slavery

Fox News | Freedom Friday: A Global Message of “Help and Hope”

[Release] World Help Reaches Fundraising Goal to Build Safe Haven in Thailand for Former Sex Workers

[Release] Children of the World International Choir To Perform ‘Rescue Tour’ in Longview & Gilmer

[Press Release] World Help Launches Campaign to Fight Sexual Slavery

[Press Release] World Help VP Highlights Global Women’s Issues at Q Conference

[Release] Children Of The World International Choir To Perform ‘Rescue Tour’ In Palmdale, CA

The Washington Times | The growing persecution of Christians

[Press Release] World Help’s Vernon Brewer Releases Statement After Chemical Attack Slaughters 88

[Press Release] Children Of The World International Choir To Perform ‘Rescue Tour’ In Modesto, CA

[Press Release] Children Of The Wold International Choir To Perform ‘Rescue Tour’ in Bellflower, CA

[Press Release] Children of the World International Choir To Perform ‘Rescue Tour’ in Ridgefield, WA

[Press Release] World Help Invites Supporters To Add Humanitarian Goals To Their Bucket Lists

[Press Release] Children of the World International Choir to Perform ‘Rescue Tour’ in Cottonwood, CA

Christian Post | I Will Be 214 the Day Women Achieve Income Equality

[Press Release] Children of the World International Choir to Perform ‘Rescue Tour’ in Merced, CA

[Press Release] Children of the World International Choir to Perform ‘Rescue Tour’ in Clovis, CA

[Op Ed] The Christian Post | I Found Hope In Thailand’s Red-Light District

Christian Post | I Found Hope in Thailand’s Red-Light District

[Press Release] Children of the World International Children’s Choir To Perform ‘Rescue Tour’ In Fallbrook, California, Mar. 5

[Press Release] Children of the World International Children’s Choir To Perform ‘Rescue Tour’ In Hemet, California, Mar. 5

[Press Release] World Help Founder Visits Syrian Refugees In Middle East To Offer Help And Hope

Wagoner County American-Tribune | International Choir to perform ‘Rescue Tour’ in Coweta

[Press Release] Children of the World International Choir to Perform ‘Rescue Tour’ in Coweta, OK

Weirton Daily Times | Fort Steuben DAR holds meeting

[Media Advisory] World Help’s Vernon Brewer To Report On Refugee Camps In Jordan-Syria, Feb. 21

[Press Release] Children of the World International Choir to Perform ‘Rescue Tour’ in Parsons, KS

[Press Release] Children of the World International Choir to Perform ‘Rescue Tour’ in Crescent, OK

[Press Release] Children of the World International Choir to Perform ‘Rescue Tour’ in Bixby, OK | Here’s One Thing You Might Not Know Was Happening While You Were Watching the Super Bowl

WSET | Local nonprofit dedicates home to rehabilitate human trafficking victims in Thailand

[Press Release] New Home Dedicated By World Help Offers Thailand Sex Workers Hope For A Better Life

The Modesto Bee | Third time for Fore, the Del Rio golf tourney to build wells, churches in Nepal

Index-Journal | International Choir performs at Greenwood Christian

[Press Release] World Help Begins 2017 By Celebrating A Record 2016

Christian Times | McLean Bible Church New Year’s 2017 party to attract nearly 1,000 people

Christian Post | Over 900 Teens to Attend Megachurch’s NYE Party to Raise $25K for Families in Iraq

Christian Post | How One Christmas Gift Transformed the Life of a Rwandan Family

[Statement] World Help President Vernon Brewer On The Humanitarian Crisis in Aleppo, Syria

[Statement] Statement from World Help President Vernon Brewer on Human Rights Day, Dec. 10

The Christian Post | Bible Translators in Dangerous Countries Facing Persecution ‘Every Week’

[Statement] World Help Vice President Noel Yeatts on World Aids Day, December 1

[Press Release] Vernon Brewer Delivers Message of Hope to Iraqi Christians at ‘Return Festival’

Christian Daily | Iraqi Christians launch spiritual battle against ISIS through prayer for restoration of desecrated land

CBN | The Prayer Movement That’s Sweeping the Middle East

Christian Daily | New short film ‘Under Caesar’s Sword’ tells stories of Christian persecution worldwide

Christian Post | Persecuted Christians Lifted Up in Prayer by Churches Worldwide This Sunday

[Statement] World Help Pres. Vernon Brewer on International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

CBN | It’s Called ‘Greatest Humanitarian Crisis of our Time’

Christian Post | Displaced Iraqi Christians Fearful of Returning Home Even After ISIS Is Defeated, Says Christian Aid Worker

[Press Release] World Help On The Ground in Iraq, Ready to Assist Refugees Fleeing Mosul

Christian Post | Displaced Iraqi Christians Fearful of Returning Home Even After ISIS Is Defeated, Says Christian Aid Worke

[Press Release] World Help Celebrates 25 Years of Changed Lives, Hosts Largest Annual ‘Global Impact Summit’ in Nashville, Tennessee

[Op Ed] Christian Post | How to Recover From Genocide? What Iraq Can Learn From Rwanda

Christian Today | Christian aid agency to deliver emergency supplies to war-ravaged Aleppo

[Press Release] World Help Assembles Emergency Delivery of Relief Supplies for Syrian Families

The Blaze: Every Child Deserves The Opportunity To Thrive. That’s Why I Support Child Sponsorship.

Christian Today: ISIS uses Iraqi families as ‘human shield wall’ in Mosul in preparation for looming siege

[Press Release] World Help Reports ISIS Using Families As Human Shields

Fox News: The forgotten crisis in Ukraine: Today, the lives of millions teeter on the edge

Palm Beach Post: Nurse honors late niece with international gift of medical supplies


Q Ideas: Our Refugee Crisis

Q Ideas: Help for Today, Hope for Tomorrow

Christian Post: Innocent Christians, Muslims and Yazidis Trapped in Fallujah Need Our Help

Christian Post: 600,000 Refugees Will Go Where? Kenya Plans to Shut Down Camps, Including World’s Largest