Bio | Mark Gerson

 Mark is a Jewish American entrepreneur, committed philanthropist and published author. In 2010, after graduating Yale Law School, Mark co-founded African Mission Healthcare with close friend and former college roommate, missionary Dr. Jon Fielder. Mark and his wife, Rabbi Erica Gerson, recognized the outstanding impact of medical missionary efforts in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The couple, along with their 4 children, initiated the L’Chaim (“To Life”) Initiative in 2016 with the Gerson L’Chaim Prize, an annual $500,000 investment awarded for outstanding Christian medical missionary service in honor of the selected missionary physician and benefiting the hospital at which they serve. Recently, Mark and Erica have helped AMH to expand the initiative to include the L’Chaim Mission Hospital Teaching Network (MHTN). The MHTN is focused on making long-term investments to strengthen medical education centers that are training the next generation of African healthcare professionals to provide excellent, compassionate medical care. These professionals will in turn be prepared and equipped to train others, expanding their impact across Africa.

Mark brings 24 years of strategic and analytical professional prowess along with a clear conviction to contribute towards those most hurting and forgotten in Africa.