Biography | Sadie Adams

Sadie Adams is the 25 year old Director of Education for the Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness, a 501c3 non profit which works to promote patriotism and civics in K-12 curriculum nationwide.  Prior to joining FLAG, Sadie was a teacher in the state of Florida, joining faculties in both public and private schools.  She taught high school social studies (World History, American History) and mathematics (Algebra III, Calculus).


After holding internships in the US House of Representatives, the Attorney General’s Office, and the National Rifle Association, at 19 years old Sadie joined Governor Rick Scott’s administration as a proactive outreach correspondent focusing on state financial communication.  She later transitioned onto the 2014 campaign as a policy analyst, working mainly in law enforcement and education sectors.

Sadie graduated magna cum laude from Florida State University, receiving a B.S. in Economics.