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Harvest Crusades—also known as Harvest with Greg Laurie events—are faith-building, soul-stirring gatherings that not only change lives, but unite entire communities. Hosted by hundreds of local churches in cities around the world, the Harvest Crusades bring diverse communities of faith together to share the love of God with those around them. Like any large event, Harvest takes significant planning, collaboration and cooperation, as well as good old-fashioned hard work. But when the work is done, lives flourish spiritually.

“Jesus told us there is great joy in Heaven when a person trusts in Him. So there certainly should be joy in having a role in introducing that person to Christ,” says Greg Laurie, founder of Harvest Crusades.

  • SOME PREPARE: Months in advance, hundreds of local churches from various denominations unite to form a hosting committee to invite Harvest Crusades to their city and organize local outreach.
  • SOME SEED: Some 825,000 invitations to Harvest America 2017 at the University of Phoenix Stadium will be distributed, many of them hand-delivered by evangelism teams from local churches. In addition, the Southern Baptist Convention and its North American Mission Board are partnering with Harvest America 2017, and have selected it as the focus of their annual “Crossover” outreach event, taking place just prior to the Southern Baptist Convention’s national meeting in Phoenix in June.
  • SOME CULTIVATE: 7,000 people will volunteer at Harvest America 2017. Whether they are setting up the stage, handing out programs, or serving as follow-up workers, each and every volunteer is invested in the effort. After the outreach, local churches follow up with attendees who made the decision to commit their lives to Christ and invite them into community.
  • ALL SHARE THE HARVEST: In one weekend, thousands of hearts and lives can be transformed in a community, as well as around the globe.
    • AROUND THE GLOBE: Harvest events are live streamed, giving local communities one more way to invite people to participate. To date, nearly 7.6 million people have attended Harvest Crusade events worldwide, either in-person or via live Internet broadcasts, and 489,345 people have professed faith in Jesus Christ as a result.
    • ACROSS AMERICA: Hundreds of thousands of people across the country have participated in Harvest’s evangelism campaign called Harvest America, where the message of the gospel presented at Harvest Crusades events is taken to multiple sites across the U.S. and around the world via satellite and a live streaming webcast. The 2016 Harvest America outreach at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, was live streamed to more than 7,200 remote host locations around the world, with combined attendance of 357,000, making it the largest one-day live evangelistic event in American history.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Harvest America Phoenix 2017 staff and volunteers are available for interviews. Please contact Laura McGowan at (847) 347-5206 or at laura@lauramcgowan.com for more information.



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