Praise for Losing My Voice To Find It

“Sometimes it’s hard to understand why God takes things away. Mark losing his sing- ing voice is one of those unanswerable questions. However, I’ve walked with Mark, from his final show in Hawaii to him bringing hope to the people of Haiti, and God has never let him go. Mark’s voice has never been more important.”

—Bart Millard, MercyMe


“I grew up singing background vocals and stage-managing for my sister, Rebecca St. James, and we did countless shows with Audio Adrenaline. I remember standing side stage with my mouth on the floor at their ingenuity, passion, and performance. Mark’s presence onstage truly inspired me. I’ve been fortunate to become close friends with Mark, and I have to say that what he’s done post–Audio Adrenaline has been even more impacting for me. Stories like his remind me of God’s relentless creativity in weaving together imperfect stories for greater redemption.”

—Joel Smallbone, For King & Country


“I have had the privilege of touring with Mark multiple times throughout the years. We’ve worked on records and written songs together, and I have had the honor of doing a lot of life with Mark. He is the genuine article. I believe he is truly a man after God’s own heart. He has held steadfast on that course no matter what storms life has thrown at him. He is full of wisdom, and I am thankful that he offers it up to all of us as we continue on our own journeys. His insight should serve us well.”

—TobyMac, Grammy-winning artist


“Mark had one of those voices that made you feel something beyond the lyric. His voice’s brokenness and vulnerability gave it power, just like his testimony.”

—Michael Tait, Newsboys


“Mark’s story is like my story. We’re both underdogs. If you’re looking to be inspired, you’ll find plenty of nuggets in this book to keep your head up. I frickin’ guaran- tee it.”

—Todd Hoffman, reality TV star and gold miner 


“What can I say about Mark Stuart . . . my buddy. . . from the very first hour I met him back in 1986 when he asked me to join this Christian rock band he was starting, all the way to this very moment, it’s without question he was marked by God to be used for His purposes, and to be an example of what it looks like to always choose God. A man after God’s heart, who, in the midst of a journey with the highest highs and the lowest lows, never lost his faith or turned his back on the God he loves and serves. A gifted singer, one of the greatest performers, but moreover, an incredible person, Gods beloved!”

Will McGinniss, two-time Grammy winner, Audio Adrenaline


“From his days with Audio Adrenaline, to his tireless pursuit of orphan care and prevention in Haiti, to his deep love for his family, Mark never does anything half- throttle. He is an advocate in the truest sense of the word, an outspoken champion for those in need, and an amazing friend to so many. Mark’s story of losing and finding will inspire and be used by God in incredible ways, just as it already has!”

—Leslie Jordan, All Sons & Daughters, the Fold, Nashville


“Mark’s journey has always inspired me as a storyteller. It gives me hope that there is always a purpose in the struggle. His voice for the forgotten kids in Haiti is such a powerful one.”

—Andrew Erwin, filmmaker, I Can Only Imagine


“Mark is a dear friend with whom I have shared a lot of life. He is a genuine soul who dreams big and loves even bigger. From tour buses to Caribbean islands, Mark has logged a lot of miles and lived a lot of life. This portrait of humanness in its adventure, candor, and grace will inspire you to live big and plunge headfirst into the love story of God.”

—Jamie George, pastor and author, Journey Church, Nashville


“Audio Adrenaline played a big role in helping to grow our congregation during the formative years of the Rock Church in San Diego. As Christian music shifted and became more relevant, we leveraged bands like Audio Adrenaline to help reach our broader com- munity. And it worked! But more importantly, the message in their songs resonated with our young church, and with so many believers around the world, to become the very hands and feet of Jesus. In Losing My Voice to Find It, Mark’s journey inspires us. Whether our voices are broken or beautiful, we each have a glorious story to share.”

—Miles McPherson, pastor and author, the Rock Church, San Diego


“Audio Adrenaline easily had one of the greatest impacts on my faith through the years. I started in 1996 as a bright-eyed Christian music–loving teen, who was heavily inspired by Audio Adrenaline’s message and their pride in being labeled a ‘Christian band.’ Mark’s ministry—and the way he has always treated me and other youth throughout the years—had a rare humility and kindness that the industry often sorely lacked. It broke my heart to see Mark lose his voice, but it’s brought hope and encouragement to see that God continues to do incredible things through him. And I must say, Losing My Voice to Find It is an inspiring page-turner!”

—John DiBiase, creator, Jesus Freak Hideout


“I met Mark after a show in Kentucky when he was a college student. We grew up in the music business together. Little did I know how our lives would intersect in the years to follow. Audio Adrenaline was the opening act in my first headlining tour in 1992, and I was an eyewitness to the transformation of a young awkward kid into one of Christian music’s greatest front men.

As much as I love Mark’s music, it’s his life offstage that has inspired me the most. The story of this honest, kind, broken, talented, passionate, and visionary man has inspired me to pursue the ‘Good Life.’ Thank you, my friend, for allowing us inside your remarkable journey.”

—Geoff Moore, Grammy-nominated artist, national park tour guide


“Mark Stuart is like a member of my own family. I’ve known him from the very humble beginnings of Audio Adrenaline touring life to where he is now as a father, missions leader, and visionary artist. Nobody that I know personally has a more captivating story of redemption, change, and adventure. It was my honor to stand in for him as lead vocalist for Audio Adrenaline from 2011 to 2013. “Kings & Queens,” the song and album, wouldn’t have been generated without his passion and love for music and the people of Haiti. I’m lucky to count him as one of my closest friends.”

—Kevin Max, singer, songwriter, poet