The Lucky Ones | Summary

Celebrating the continuing bonds we share with those we have lost, The Lucky Ones has built an original social and video streaming content platform which features heartwarming stories about friends, relatives, spouses and mentors who have touched us in a uniquely singular way.  


The creators of The Lucky Ones, Joseph Alvaro and Matt Zoller Seitz, have both experienced the loss of a loved one. Matt lost his wife and Joseph his wife and daughter. 


While discussing the process of grief and mourning they realized that there was not a venue for people to express themselves about those who had died. They believe that it is essential that we celebrate the lives of those we have lost and the love they gave us. It is a gift we shouldn’t be afraid to share with others.


So, they created The Lucky Ones. A place for people, from all walks of life, to celebrate that special someone. The Lucky Ones appeals to the common humanity we all share with one another. Its stories are universal in their appeal, providing content that is life affirming for the viewer.


Through remembrances, The Lucky Ones brings to life those special people in five minute Feature Stories creating a biographical profile that celebrates the loving bond shared between two people. Using conversation, photos, home movies, memorabilia, letters and cards each story illustrates that there is more to loosing someone beyond the cycles of grief and mourning.


For its audience on the go there are TLO Street Stories, 60 second interviews of people from all walks of life, sharing with us why they’re One of The Lucky Ones. These charming videos are posted on The Lucky One’s social channels along with Mindful Minutes, themed compilations from our interviews. Both of which are then hosted on our streaming platform.

Viewers are also encouraged to upload their own stories (user generated content) to share with our audience in 30-90 second Video Views. Some of those users will be invited to participate in a Feature Stories segment produced by The Lucky Ones.

The uniqueness and life affirming quality of The Lucky Ones is its ability to present its audience with a positive perspective, in an array of stories drawn from the diversity that is our society, while at the same time reinforcing our common humanity. The Lucky Ones is a celebration of life.


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