[Release] TODAY: Rev. Samuel Rodriguez releases ‘From Survive to Thrive’, new book provides hope to world in crisis

Contact Press@theKCompany.co 616.401.1003 TODAY: Rev. Samuel Rodriguez releases ‘From Survive to Thrive’, new book provides hope to world in crisis   Press Release: The KAIROS Company for NHCLC Nov. 17, 2020   “The best I have seen yet to bring meaning and purpose to the worldwide pandemic.” – Jentezen Franklin         From Survive to … Continued

CNS News | Breaking Down Stereotypes and the Latino Vote

Despite all their passion for intersectionality, some leftists have a curious way of engaging in broad stereotypes. Sometimes it is done sloppily, like Joe Biden’s, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black,” or his August comment that blacks have less diversity of thought and heritage … Continued

K-Love | Museum Of The Bible’s ‘Follow The Star’ Christmas

Museum of the Bible has released its schedule of upcoming “Follow the Star” Christmas activities for guests to enjoy from Nov. 15, 2020, to early Jan. 2021. “This Christmas season looks different than most as a global pandemic forces us to stay apart and forgo many of our beloved traditions,” said Harry Hargrave, CEO of … Continued

Townhall | Veterans Day: The Bible Has Given Many of Our Veterans Faith to Persevere

Each year since 1919, on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, Americans celebrate Veterans Day. On this day we honor and thank our veterans, active duty military personnel and their families — all selfless patriots who have dedicated their lives to defend our nation and preserve our freedoms. This Veterans Day, I encourage Americans … Continued

Fox News | Trump faith adviser Bishop Harry Jackson dead at 66

Bishop Harry Jackson Jr., a Maryland pastor and unofficial faith adviser for President Trump, died Monday at age 66, his church announced. “It is with a heavy heart that we notify you that our beloved Bishop Harry R. Jackson, Jr. has transitioned to be with the Lord on November 9, 2020,” Hope Christian Church wrote on … Continued

The Christian Post | From Survive to Thrive: Holy humility (book excerpt)

From Chapter 6 of From Survive to Thrive by Sam Rodriguez (“Humble Pie — Serve Before You Slice”) In the midst of crisis, when we experience loss and unimaginable devastation engulfs us, we have an opportunity. This is true not only in times of a pandemic but at any time in our lives. When we’re … Continued

The Christian Post | Joe Biden quotes Bible, hymn ‘On Eagle’s Wings’ in victory speech

Presumptive President-elect Joe Biden pledged not to “see red states and blue states, only to sees the United States” and quoted from the hymn “On Eagle’s Wings” as he addressed the nation in a victory speech Saturday night. “I pledge to be a president who seeks not to divide but unify. Who doesn’t see red … Continued

K-Love | Historic 1217 A.D. Magna Carta Will Be Displayed At Museum Of The Bible

On this day 803 years ago, the Magna Carta was issued in London (Nov. 6, 1217). Today, Museum of the Bible is delighted to announce it will host an original 1217 Magna Carta as part of “Magna Carta: Tyranny, Liberty, Justice,” a major new exhibit created by Hawkwood International. Museum of the Bible has partnered … Continued

The Washington Times | Softening of Trump’s evangelical base may have proved critical

White evangelicals labored in the vineyards again for President Trump on Tuesday, casting votes in overwhelming numbers for the Republican president who counts them among his staunchest allies and for pro-life, socially conservative Republican candidates in down-ballot races as well. But early data from exit polls and turnout reveals a small but potentially fatal slippage … Continued

Christianity Today | Latino Evangelicals Boost Trump in Florida and Texas

The presidential election results coming out of heavily Latino areas of the US took some by surprise, but affirmed what Latinos themselves have known all along. More religious than Americans on average, the nation’s largest minority group is a growing part of the electorate. It’s also one that doesn’t vote as a monolith, with political … Continued