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Jeff Smedsrud Founder & CEO – HealthValues Jeff Smedsrud believes we can improve health care, and bring down costs, by enabling technology with a human touch. He has spent a lifetime creating new ways for consumers to gain more control over their health care costs, and served as a health care reform advocate for … Continued

[Release] Christians Have TWO-TIMES MORE Choices for Health Care — and for the First Time — One Central Location to Find Them

Dallas — It’s open enrollment time, the time for those who purchase their health insurance on the various federal and state health care exchanges to choose plans for the new year. For many, it feels like they have very few choices, with very little understanding of how the process works. Do I pay more money … Continued

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Jeff Smedsrud is the founder and CEO of HealthValues. Jeff is recognized as a leading expert advisor on how consumers can become empowered when shopping for health care plans. He has built and grown health insurance marketing and business companies for over 25 years, and served as a health care reform advocate for much of his career. … Continued

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HealthValues was formed to help Christians boldly act – and be wiser about health care spending. That’s why HealthValues’ mission is to bring people together who seek transparency, education and want to become wiser about how they spend their health care dollar. Those who share common Christian values face a dilemma: How do we connect … Continued