Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore founded The KAIROS Company after running public and media relations across multiple sectors including higher education, Hollywood, and politics.  As a public figure, Moore is a bestselling author, speaker, media personality, and humanitarian who has been called one of the “world’s most influential young leaders” and “a modern day Dietrich Bonhoeffer” as a result of his extensive work humanitarian work and advocacy. He appears frequently as a political commentator on television and has written for many national news publications including CNN, The Washington Post, and Fox News.


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USCIRF | USCIRF Urges Thailand and Malaysia to Protect Rohingya Muslim Refugees Stranded at Sea

USCIRF | USCIRF Urges the Administration to Immediately Enforce the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act

Christian Post | Nigeria refutes Christian ‘genocide’ claims; charity says gov’t ‘spinning propaganda’ Nigeria refutes Christian ‘genocide’ claims; charity says gov’t ‘spinning propaganda’

The Christian Post | Nigeria refutes Christian ‘genocide’ claims; charity says gov’t ‘spinning propaganda’

[Release] NHCLC stands with our African American brothers and sisters in a call for justice and reform

The Christian Post | Evangelical pastors respond to Trump’s call for churches to reopen

Barnabas Fund | Pakistan’s new minorities commission welcomed as “important step” for protection of religious freedom

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USCIRF | USCIRF Welcomes Establishment of Pakistan’s National Commission for Minorities as a First Step

Christian Headlines | Chinese Newspaper Accuses Mike Pompeo of ‘Betraying Christianity with Lies,’ Christian Leaders Come to His Defense

CNS | Azerbaijan’s Grand Prix Transcends Sports, Speaks to Religious Freedom

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Missions Box | Chinese Pastor Refusing to Join Communist Controlled Church Arrested for ‘Subversion’ | The Christian Post

The Christian Post | China accuses Pompeo of ‘betraying Christianity with lies;’ evangelical leaders respond

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Christian Post | Chinese pastor who refused to join communist controlled church arrested for ‘subversion’

The Christian Post | China continues to persecute Early Rain Covenant Church, orders members to cease online services

The Christian Post | Chinese pastor who refused to join communist controlled church arrested for ‘subversion’

The Washington Examiner | Religious freedom watchdog recommends US boycott Chinese Winter Olympics

VOA | Baha’i Leader: Iran Keeping Up to 100 Baha’is in Prisons Under Virus Threat

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The Hour | Trump’s Easter goal in war on virus a nod to faith, business

Algemeiner | China, Iran and the Spread of Coronavirus

The Washington Post | Trump wants ‘packed churches’ on Easter. Pastors expect their doors to be shut.

USCIRF | USCIRF Deplores Houthi Order to Execute Hamid bin Haydara and Dissolve Baha’i Institutions in Yemen

Newsmax | Latino Faith Leaders Hold Teleconference on Coronavirus

The Washington Times | Activists press Trump administration to aid embattled Nigerian Christians | Rev. Johnnie Moore to speak Tuesday at Florence Republican meeting

The Christian Post | Wife of abducted Malaysian pastor Raymond Koh honored as ‘Woman of Courage’ by State Dept.

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WBNS | Trump boosts school prayer, faith groups as he rallies base

CBN | Trump Fighting to Put Prayer Back in Schools: ‘We Will Not Allow Faithful Americans to Be Bullied’

The Christian Post | Trump announces school prayer guidance; 9 agencies draft religious freedom rules

CBN | Iran Statement From Evangelical Group Draws Fire Over Question of Moral Equivalency

The Beverly Hills Courier | U.S. Special Representative to Iran Visits Simon Wiesenthal Center and Local Synagogues

RNS | Faith leaders offer mixed response after missile strike kills Iranian commander

Christianity Today | Sudan Lets Christians March for Jesus Again

Christianity Today | 11 Nigerian Christians Executed in ISIS Christmas Video

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The Jerusalem Post | US urges 69 nations, including Iran, to decriminalize homosexuality

The Christian Post | Trump officials call on 69 countries to decriminalize homosexuality

The Daily Wire | ‘Demonic Schemes’: Evangelical Leaders Condemn Impeachment Vote

Newsmax | Evangelicals: Dems ‘Impeached Millions of Americans’

The Christian Post | Sudan prime minister meets with USCIRF, shares plans to improve religious freedom

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Arabian Business | Nat Geo set to release film about Pope Francis’ visit to the UAE

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RNS | In the heart of the Middle East, a fledgling synagogue gets a rabbi

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The Christian Post | Interfaith leaders slam US law firm lobbying for Chinese gov’t, other repressive regimes

CBN | President Trump Calls on Americans to Use the ‘Power of Prayer’ to End Violence and Protect Religious Liberty


Crux | U.S. religious freedom body wants China sanctioned for human rights abuses

The Christian Post | China in a persecution category ‘all by itself;’ USCIRF releases annual report

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Catholic News Agency | Religious liberty report highlights China’s repression of Muslims, Christians

RNS | USCIRF report: China, two dozen other countries top religious freedom offenders list

NPR | Religious Freedom Report Offers Grim Review Of Attacks On Faith Groups


Christianity Today | Easter Suicide Bombings Kill 290 at Sri Lankan Churches and Hotels

The Christian Post | Muslim prisoner supported by Trump evangelical adviser Johnnie Moore released from prison

Haaretz | Why Muslim and Arab Countries Are Working So Hard to Win Over U.S. Evangelicals

Rabwah Times | Trump appointed religious freedom commissioner calls on Pakistan to release Ahmadi bookseller

USCIRF Commissioner Johnnie Moore Calls on Pakistan to Release Prisoner of Conscience Abdul Shakoor

Fox News Radio | Johnnie Moore, US Commission on Religious Freedom and Pope’s UAE Visit Has Written a New Chapter in Christian-Muslim Relations

CBN | New Signs of Religious Freedom in the Muslim Middle East – Could Saudi Arabia Be Next?

Fox News | The significance of Pope Francis’ UAE visit is impossible to exaggerate (Nobel Committee, take note)

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Christian Examiner | Christian, Jewish leaders decry ‘heart-sinking’ religious persecution in letter to Chinese President Xi



The Christian Post | NAE and CCCU boards back LGBT compromise for religious freedom exemptions

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The Atlantic | Trump’s Evangelical Allies Really Didn’t Like Jeff Sessions

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The Washington Post | Trump’s evangelical advisers meet with Saudi Crown Prince and discuss Jamal Khashoggi’s murder, “human rights,” spokesman says

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Christian Today | Faith leaders commit to promoting peace and equality at global gathering

The Christian Post | Chinese Communist Workers Sever Church Cross; Church Members Cry Out (VIDEO)

RNS | Andrew Brunson freed after telling court, ‘I love Jesus, I love Turkey’

Christianity Today | Still No Churches in Saudi Arabia, But Small Steps Toward Religious Freedom

Catholic News Agency | Holy See-China agreement draws criticism from US religious freedom advocates

‘No Room for Business-as-Usual’: US Leaders Urge Investors to Sever Ties with Turkey until Pastor Brunson is Free

The Christian Post | Trump Harms Religious Freedom by Intolerance to Some, Favoritism to Evangelicals, NYT Says; FRC Responds

The Christian Post | Trump Evangelical Adviser ‘Adopts’ 81-Y-O Muslim Prisoner of Conscience

USCIRF | At Gathering of 37,000 Ahmadi Muslims, USCIRF Commissioner Johnnie Moore Vows to Make Religious Freedom in Pakistan a Priority

RNS | Fighting intolerance, Ahmadi Muslims have won unlikely allies

Premier | How Donald Trump is being influenced by evangelicals

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CBN | Erdogan Loudly Rejects Trump Sanction Threat as Turkey Persecutes US Pastor Brunson

The Christian Post | Christian Leaders Issue Travel Warning: ‘If Turkey Isn’t Safe for Brunson, It Isn’t Safe for Us’

Newsmax | Reports: Christian Leaders, Advocacy Groups Issue Travel Warning on Turkey

The Atlantic | The Trump Administration Convenes the ‘Super Bowl’ of Religious Freedom

The Christian Post | What Does the State Department’s Potomac Declaration Say and Do?

NPR | Who is Andrew Brunson, The Pastor Prompting Sanctions Threats Against Turkey? Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email

Christianity Today | Persecution of Andrew Brunson, John Cao Shared at Religious Freedom Ministerial

Liberty University | Liberty University soccer staff join pastors in outreach to immigrant children

Newsmax | Evangelical ‘Dream Team’ Feeds, Ministers to Child-Refugees

Charisma | Jentezen Franklin Recounts First-Hand Visit With Migrant Children

The Christian Post | Evangelical Leaders Serve Lunch, Bring Fun and Gifts to Trafficked Immigrant Children

WUSA9 | Schumer vows to fight Trump SCOTUS nominee ‘with everything I have’

Haaretz | The Tiny Gulf State Beating Its Neighbors in Race for Warmer Ties With Israel

Chicago Sun Times | Evangelical leaders downplay potential Roe v. Wade reversal

The Hill | Trump evangelical adviser says there’s ‘high level of confidence’ overturning Roe v. Wade is possible

The Dallas Morning News | Prestonwood aims to help children at the border

Independent Journal Review | Ivanka Quietly Donated Thousands to TX Church Helping Immigrant Children in Midst of Border Policy Outcry

CBN | Why Trump Went to Capitol Hill and What He Told GOP Lawmakers About Immigration

The Washington Post | Why many white evangelicals are not protesting family separations on the U.S. border

CBN | ‘We Will See God Manifesting His Glory’ in N Korea: Why These Praying Christians Are Confident

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CNN | Fresh off royal sermon, bishop warns ‘somebody woke up Jim Crow’

RNS | How evangelicals teamed up with the White House on prison reform

USCIRF | Kristina Arriaga Reappointed, Gary L. Bauer, Nadine Maenza, and Johnnie Moore Appointed to USCIRF

The Christian Post | Son of Christian Bombing Victim in Indonesia Says He Forgives Killer Family

NPR | For Trump’s Evangelical Advisers, Prison Reform Becomes A Front-Burner Issue Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email

The Christian Post | Johnnie Moore Says Evangelical Leaders Criticize Trump Behind Closed Doors

NRB | New Commissioners for USCIRF

The Christian Post | Pence Meets Leader of Indonesia’s Largest Muslim Group Days After ISIS Church Bombings

National Catholic Reporter | Georgetown panel debates faith and the Republican Party

[Release] Rev. Samuel Rodriguez and Rev. Johnnie Moore Found ‘THE CONGRESS OF CHRISTIAN LEADERS’ Rodriguez to Serve as Chairman and Moore as President

Charisma | Samuel Rodriguez, Johnnie Moore to Head Up Congress of Christian Leaders

The Christian Post | Sam Rodriguez, Johnnie Moore Launch New ‘Congress of Christian Leaders’ to Unite Global Church

CBN | ‘We’re More Powerful When We Stand Together’: Evangelical Leaders Launch Bold New Initiative to Bring Unity to the Church

Crosswalk | New Executive Order Aims to Protect Religious Liberty from Government Overreach

The Washington Examiner | Jared Kushner strengthens evangelical ties to Trump, this time over prison reform

Press Herald | President signs order for faith-based partnerships

The Salt Lake Tribune | Trump announces faith-based effort on National Day of Prayer; Mormon women’s leader Jean Bingham prays at White House ceremony

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The Washington Post | Amid Stormy Daniels news, Trump announces faith-based effort on National Day of Prayer

Christian Today | Trump launches new faith initiative to give religious leaders stronger voice in government

National Catholic Reporter | Trump to sign executive order creating new White House faith-based initiative

The Daily Mail | President Trump signs order to create a faith-based office in the White House to ‘protect religious freedom’

Charisma | Faith Leaders Laud Trump’s Religious Freedom Executive Order

RNS | Trump to sign executive order creating new White House faith-based initiative

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The Christian Post | Egypt Cabinet Legalizes 166 Unlicensed Church Properties

CBN | Trump’s Faith Advisory Council Pushes Back Against ‘Evangelical Identity’ Meeting

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CBN | How Should Believers Respond to Hybels’ Resignation?

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Christian Today | Inside Egypt: How a Christian broadcaster is helping millions retain hope across the region

CNN | Encourage moves toward religious freedom by Islamic leaders

The Washington Post | Evangelicals are planning a high-profile meeting with Trump

The Washington Post | Evangelicals are planning a high-profile meeting with Trump

Sight Magazine | Evangelical church leaders in US issue call for prayer for peace on Korean Peninsula

NPR | If Evangelicals Meet With the President, It Will be a Celebration

Fox News | Johnnie Moore on View Comments About Pence

The Christian Post | Greg Laurie, Jim Wallis, Diverse Group of Evangelicals Unite in Prayer for Korean Peninsula

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Charisma | Major Christian Leaders Urge White House to Reconsider This Biblical Mandate

The Christian Post | Trump Urges Congress to Pass Prison Re-Entry Reform but Not Mandatory Sentencing Fix

Reuters | Trump urges prison reform, not sentencing overhaul after pushback

Yahoo | Trump urges prison reform, not sentencing overhaul after pushback

Voice of America | Trump Urges Prison Reform, Not Sentencing Overhaul, After Pushback

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The New York Times | Evangelicals, Having Backed Trump, Find White House ‘Front Door Is Open’

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Christian Today | One of Trump’s evangelical advisers: Plans to deport ‘Dreamers’ are ‘morally reprehensible’

Christian Today | Trump’s evangelical advisers back Democrat Pelosi in urging protection for immigrant ‘Dreamers’

The Washington Post | Trump’s evangelical advisers, with Pelosi, push for ‘dreamers’

Christianity Today | These Trump Advisers Want a Dreamers Deal Enough to Meet with Nancy Pelosi

Baptist Standard | Trump’s alleged remark discomfits some—not all—of his evangelical advisers

Christian Today | As Palestinian leader says Trump’s Jerusalem move is ‘slap of the century’, could Jerusalem still be a shared capital?

Christian Headlines | Trump’s Alleged ‘S***hole’ Remark Seems to Discomfort Some of His Evangelical Advisers

The Christian Post | President Donald Trump’s Evangelical Council Divided Over ‘S***hole’ Comments

The Christian Post | Trump Convenes White House Meeting on Prison Reform; Evangelical Leader Encouraged

RNS | Trump’s alleged ‘s***hole’ remark seems to discomfit some of his evangelical advisers

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The Gospel Herald | Trump Honored with ‘Friends of Zion Award’ for Jerusalem Move; Paula White Praises President for ‘Keeping His Promises’

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Financial Express | Donald Trump moves US embassy to Jerusalem: India’s position on Palestine is independent, consistent, says MEA

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World Net Daily | The persecuted church at home and abroad

Liberty University | Students stand in solidarity for the persecuted church during emotional Convocation

Premier | Egypt’s President meets with American evangelical leaders

One News Now | Unprecedented meeting between Egyptian pres., U.S. evangelicals

The Christian Times | Egyptian president discusses plight of the Christians in first meeting with US evangelicals in Cairo

Christianity Today | The Martyr’s Oath, an Interview with Johnnie Moore on the Persecuted Church

Christian Today | Egypt’s President Sisi meets US evangelical leaders, promises to protect Christians

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The Christian Post | Egypt’s President Sisi Meets With US Evangelical Leaders for First Time in Cairo

CBN | Evangelical Leaders Joel Rosenberg, Johnnie Moore, Michele Bachmann Meet with Egypt’s President

Liberty University | PR exec, MMA champion, and NFL star to be featured in upcoming Convocations

WSET | Baltimore Ravens player, MMA fighter, PR executive to speak at LU’s convocation


CBN | Trump Evangelical Ally Calls POTUS ‘Competent, Kind, Credible with Best Intentions’

Catholic Standard | At ecumenical service, prayers offered for Christians in the Middle East

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Pakistan Christian Post | DC and Partners Kick Start Summit for Christians in the Middle East

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Christian Today | Bible study in Donald Trump’s Christian-friendly White House is a weekly event for the first time in a hundred years

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