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their separate youtube channel claims to promote pro-american values and includes videos with titles like, make men masculine again and just say merry christmas. We asked the state if teachers will have access to this content as part of the deal. We’re waiting for a response. Streit: “and prageru kids is what’s becoming an actual vendor in the state of florida and that is the piece that they have approved so it’s from the same organization but it’s not, the educational piece and the turnkey lesson plans that we produce are within the prageru kids department.” we asked the state for an interview regarding their partnership with prageru kids. Instead they sent us this statement, saying, the florida department of education reviewed prageru kids and determined the material aligns to florida’s revised civics and government standards. We will continue to press them for more details. Malagic: “some of them may be very good but other ones may not be and you know the same concern that some still to come… Pope francis is in portugal for “world youth day” pope francis is in portugal for “world youth day” learn how the pontiff began his visit on a solemn note.. Coming up after the break pope francis is in portugal for “world youth day” hundreds of thousands of young people are taking part. While the festival is a celebration — the pope began his visit by confronting portugal’s dark legacy of clergy sex abuse. Cbs’s chris livesay joins us now from lisbon. Arriving in lisbon, portugal for this international celebration of faith, pope francis quickly addressed the elephant in the room: a report issued earlier this year said nearly 5,000 minors had been sexually abused by portuguese clergy since the 1950s. Speaking before bishops, the pontiff blasted them for the “scandals that have marred” the church, and called for “ongoing purification”, demanding victims be “accepted and listened to.” it’s a painful topic these young catholics didn’t come here to deal with. World youth day has been dubbed the catholic woodstock. And pope francis is their rock star. Upsot: I absolutely love pope francis. These kids are from norwalk, california, members of the st john of god parish each had to raise $3500 to get here. Some have undocumented parents. All have hardships. George and his parents paid his way with tacos and tamales. Then first thing in the morning. Grab everything. Go to the church and set up and then sell everytime the mass would finish. People come out and we would just sell all the food. Francis, perhaps the