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very impressed with our mayor and our city for quite some time now and this just re enforce that our mayor and our city really cares about the jewish pope and the fight we have right now against anti semitism”. Representa tives from the combat anti- semitism movement were also in attendance at city council to accept the proclamation. High school students are invited to take part in northern illinois university’s food and nutrition science career and college prep program… Beginning this summer. High school class of 2024 and 2025 students must submit an online application by may 15.. The program is funded by u-s department of agriculture grants… So it is free for participants groups will attend one week of summer camp in july on n- i-u’s dekalb campus. And speaking of n-i-u, its one of the illinois colleges students within rps can attend after graduation — for free — thanks to a special program continuing to grow and help more students each year… Our 13 wrex’s dillon valencia joins us live in rockford and walks us through the impact the rockford promise has on future generation of students — manny, rockford promise’s overall goal is to have a lot of these scholars go through a local college program and come give back to the community even years after they’ve completed educational career… In just over seven years, they’ve gone from awarding only five full tuition scholarships, to 153 – being able to accomplish this by partnering with the the city of rockford, plus three schools – niu, rockford university, and rock valley college… That increasing growth is not only supporting the students financially, but also keeping them comfortable during their transition to college — as multiple of the recipients know each other… This program is allowing a lot more rockford students to go to niu — so I’ll have a lot more of my community there — I was already thinking of going to niu because both of my parents went to niu and both of my older brothers went through rps district — and through niu, so I was familiar with niu, but not familiar with the environment, so knowing that theres going to be a lot of people from guilford and from rps going, its really reassuring — along with the scholarship, students also recieve mentorship in their transition from high school to college — and for more information on how to get a head start in applying for rockford promise, you can find more information on our website, wrex.com — ill send it back over to you 🙂 happening today — 12 highhschool students from harlem high school will be making a big decision — to choose where to pursue their higher education in the field of teaching… Later this afternoon 12 students will sign their letter of intent to the college or university of their choice. They will also be recognized for the work they have done already above and beyond before their college education. This includes working as teachers and mentors at the paw prints preschool, and interning as student teachers through the high schools education pathway program… The event starts at 4-15 P.M. coming up…. Our local leaders are fighting for tax money they say is desperately needed from the state… What services it impacts in our community… 13 news time is — today kicks off the first day of a long dry stretch with sunshine and much warmer temperatures to soon return as well. Ill break down the details in your forecast and… For local news – weather and sports on your schedule… Make sure you download the 13 news app for your streaming device. We’re live on apple t-v… Amazon’s fire-tv… And roku media players. And… The best part… It’s free! Just search… 13 w-r-e-x. Thanks for staying with