69 News at Sunrise

same temperature trend will continue today. Upper 70’s and the lower 80’s. So it feels really nice on this wednesday. Dew points are low in the 40’s in some spots and 50’s. So it’s going to feel very comfortable again. Today. But some changes arrive on thursday. We’ll have some more clouds build in. We’ll watch for a shower. Mainly later in the day. I think most of the day thursday. We’ll stay dry. It’s friday that will have the best chance for any showers or thunderstorms temperatures don’t change either. We’re looking at upper 70’s lower 80’s again, as we move into the afternoon. So let’s talk about the smoke forecast today. Not going to be seeing any of those hazy skies. This plume of smoke here that still back to our west as we move through the hour by hour. Smoke forecast here. This takes us through today overnight. And then we head into thursday some of smoke going to be shifting back in. You may notice at first thing waking up a little bit of some haze in the sky as we move through the day on thursday that continues to shift off to the east and northeast. So we’ll see some improving conditions on friday. But again, friday is also our next best chance for some shower and thunderstorm activity. All of this looks to wrap up, though, as we head into the weekend, the wet weather wraps up likely the smoke will get out of here and that will set us up for a nice weekend to come. The first one of august. We’ll have lower humidity likely staying mostly dry both days and then on to for a shower or thunderstorm. Well, go up again. Heading into early next week. Likely monday and then tapering off by tuesday. So for today it’s another pleasant day. Mostly sunny will be east continuing to see comfortable conditions with low humidity temperatures are changing much at all. Much of what we’ve seen for the past couple of days upper 70’s and lower 80’s. It is comfortable again tonight. Upper 50’s to near 60, but we will have a few more clouds build in tonight. Not expecting much in terms of a washout on thursday. But we will watch for a late day shower humidity will be going up through the day on thursday to, but it’s friday. Where will watch for our best chance of a shower or thunderstorm. Not going to change temperatures too much over the next several days through the weekend and into early next week. Overall. Looks like a nice weekend coming. We’ll watch for a shower or thunderstorm again on monday may feel a little bit more humid and overnight temperatures will stay fairly consistent as well in the upper 50’s to middle and lower 60’s. That is a look at your accuweather 7 day forecast. Let’s get another check on your commute now. Hey, steve. >>its 6.18 now, kelly, no worries, no problems on the major is very light traffic. All throughout the entire viewing area and no issues at all. 22 I 78 looks terrific 3. ’09, 33 3 78 4, 12, 5.12. Not much going on. You’re good hopping off the turnpike. The northeast extension, the mainline turnpike too. 2 22 4.22 all clear. This report is brought to by roth rock serving the valley for over 62 years roth rock where the cars are celebrity birthdays for today. August second first stop, it is caroll o’connor. >>wes dennis prager turns 75. And kevin smith turns 53. Icl and eve on this list do you was a professor of english and english professor. >>i’ll go with wes craven know. Yeah, all guests. Wes craven also >>a pretty been any of those. But I find that which could guess it was a yeah. Don’t. >>thank you, steve. Thank you, stu. >>how are women in the workplace doing the last couple of years. We heard a lot about women struggling with burnout that hasn’t gotten any better in life lessons. Nancy werteen tells us about a new survey that says. >>in some ways yes. And in some ways. >>one of the biggest problems being reported by women is that even if they’re working full time. They usually take on the brunt of the domestic responsibilities in the household like cooking and cleaning and laundry. And while women are reporting things are better for them than they were during the pandemic. Many are also still saying that they feel overwhelmed. >>being the primary caregivers having the school their kids from home often reducing work hours more than men. >>experts say women are taking on the majority of the work at home. Even if they have a full-time job and now a new survey says that 60% of women feel more burned out than usual that number jumps to 70% for moms with young kids. Also a study from the university of