700 Club

of the original and best ever self-help book. What is it? And what does it reveal about passover and the easter season. Stay tuned to find out. Passover is one of the most important nights on the hebrew calendar and jewish families around the world mark the occasion by hosting a celebration that includes the secrets to the meaning of life. Take a look. >> The jewish entrepreneur and philanthropist, mark gerson , wants to share the buried treasures found in one of the most powerful texts in jerusalem and within the pages you will find the story of the exodus and jewish passover which has guided families through their celebrations for millennium. In his latest book, the telling, he shares the wisdom and insight to living a happier and more meaningful life. >> Mark gerson joins us now via skype and welcome to the 700 club . >> It is great to be here. >> Your book is the telling and that is actually the meaning. Why this book and why now? >> Passover is the great jewish holiday and in the bible it tells us what it is, it is the authentic biblically ordained jewish new year and it is also the spring festival. Two ideas and concepts coming together to tell us that the spring and season of rejuvenation and newness is upon us and is coming up on march 27 and we should take this opportunity to discover what are the opportunities open to us spiritualy and opportunities open to help us improve the world and it will exist and guide us through the journey. >> Let’s talk about the passover and talk about what the story it is telling what story is being transmitted generationally. >> The story is the exodus story. Passover will be the oldest running religious ritual in the world. What we do at the passover seder, we relive and retell the story of the exodus directly from exodus 12 and 13. Everything we do at the end of march is specifically ordained in the biblical text. >> Do you believe it also reveals the meaning of life and that is a big one. Why the meaning of life and what is it in the service that reveals the meaning of life? >> It is basically the greatest hits of jewish thought and it is