Christian Post | Bestselling Francine Rivers novel ‘Redeeming Love’ is coming to big screen

Fans around the world are thrilled to discover that faith-based, bestselling novel Redeeming Love is coming to theaters spring 2021. LightWorkers is proud to partner with executive producer Roma Downey, author Francine Rivers and producer Cindy Bond to bring this beloved novel to the big screen. And who better to bring this empowering love story to life than three powerful, faith-filled women? It’s poetic really.

“Redeeming Love” is “a powerful retelling of the Biblical book of Hosea against the backdrop of the California Gold Rush of 1850,” according to the movie’s website. This love story has captivated and moved the hearts of many since the novel was first published 15 years ago.

The story follows Angel, who was sold into prostitution as a child. She survived through nurturing deep hatred towards herself and the men who used and abused her. When she meets Michael Hosea, she experiences unconditional and sacrificial love for the first time. The story reveals both her intense struggle with unworthiness and fear, as well as the incredible redemptive power of a love that refuses to give up. Through Michael Hosea, Angel discovers there is no brokenness that love can’t heal.

“While many are victims of horrible circumstances that will haunt them forever, some characters are able to overcome the pain, the sorrow and the brutality to discover how remarkable they truly are,” states director D.J. Caruso, who’s known for movies like “Eagle Eye,” “Disturbia,” “I Am Number Four” and “xXx: Return of Xander Cage.”

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