“If God exists, why are people battling cancer?”

“If God is real, why are homeless people sleeping on the street?”

“If God is who He says He is, why do we experience sadness, hardship and heartbreak?”

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Those are commonly asked questions by countless unbelievers. In fact, believers have asked the same questions at some point in their lives, too, and I share that factoid with certainty because I was once on the speaking end of those questions. People often wonder why the faithful suffer and why believers do not always prosper despite their faith.

In 2015, when my mom fell ill with cancer, I remember crying out to God. “Why, God?” I screamed. “Why my mother? She loves you. She believes in you. Why is she so sick, God?”

My husband heard my cries, as I was wailing from our bedroom upon hearing the news of my mom’s stage-four gastric cancer.

“Laci,” he said as he gently put his hand on my shoulder. “Our reward is in Heaven, and our faith doesn’t mean we will live perfect lives or be exempt from pain while on Earth.”

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