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election challenges, the defendants engaged in a criminal racketeering enterprise to overturn georgia’s presidential election results. >> Among the 18 other defendants indicted former C.U. visiting professor john eastman and colorado attorney jen ellis. He’s been it was the architect of the trump team’s legal plan to overthrow the election he has since left c.u.. But the colorado republican party just hired him as their lawyer representing them in their legal fight to end open primaries. He’s been faces nine counts. Jenna ellis is still an attorney in colorado and a former professor at colorado christian university. She’s one of several trump lawyers under indictment as well. Ellis faces two counts racketeering and solicitation a violation of oath by a police officer. If trump is indicted and convicted in georgia, he would not be able to pardon himself if he’s reelected as he could with a federal conviction. >> The fire in maui has now taken at least 96 lives but there are sincere worry that the number will still grow. The virus now the deadliest american wildfire in over a century. The search to find and then identify the dead is still in its early stages right now. Crews with cadaver dogs continue to search the disaster area. One man said he had gone to a car with his friends to get away from the fire. The road they were on became gridlocked and then things got worse. >> I ran out of car and ran for my life. Ran down to the ocean. I was only a quarter mile from the ocean and they stayed in their car. They died with their dogs and everything. Three of my friends and one person two dogs died. >> The guys who you were with who stayed they didn’t make it? >> No. And then I saw one fred denham get on the ground like a piece of charcoal like all the fires damaged or destroyed more than 2200 buildings. The hawaiian governor says 86% of those were homes, apartments or rentals. He says the virus caused about $6 billion in damage. The american red cross is once again one of the major organizations taking donations to help the victims there. If you would like to help, you can call the number on your screen or text the word hawaii to 90999. You can also visit the red cross website to donate at redcross.org. >> More U.S. aid is heading to ukraine $200 million according to secretary of state antony blinken. Included in the aid package is anti-aircraft weapons artillery rounds and additional mine clearing equipment. Blinken says until russia withdraws the us and other and their allies will stand united with ukraine. Ukraine’s defense ministry now says it’s managed to retake nearly two square miles in southeast ukraine where russian and ukrainian forces fought the bloodiest battle of the war. A school district in northern colorado is taking extra steps to convince families that kids are safe on its busses as after police arrested a poorer school’s paraprofessional for hitting students with disabilities on a bus last spring. Here’s nine years of protocol sullivan. School starts in just three days here at potter schools and the district says it knows its relationship with some families is broken. Questions remain after a paraprofessional now facing charges for assaulting at least six children was hired despite a prior child abuse misdemeanor charge. Now the district says it’s making changes to its policies. School districts can’t teach trust the way you have handled this crisis is reprehensible, cruel and makes me ashamed to be a part of the community. >> They only earn it or lose it . It’s time for clear, courageous leadership. Peter schools the district spokesperson knows the trust is lost. >> Our hearts. My heart collectively hurts for everybody that was involved now former powder schools paraprofessional tyler’s in L.A. faces charges he hit six students on board the district’s busses. Police say all six have disabilities. Their families say they’re still dealing with the consequences consequences that range from trauma therapy pants sweating and sleep deprivation to sedated exams to check for permanent brain damage and broken bones. >> We will continue to make changes tangible changes to better serve our students and families moving forward. Madeline noblet says tour busses will start the year with new oversight. The district gave drivers new training and instructed them to call families of students with special needs before the first day. >> We have been working to do again everything we can possible to mitigate the risk of this ever happening again. >> But the district has not yet changed the practice that allowed it to hire as a nella despite a misdemeanor child abuse conviction years prior. Hasty like other employers cannot bar access to employment on the basis of some misdemeanor charges. >> But but says the district is working to change that because it knows it needs to earn back families trust and that’s not something that we take lightly. And as a team here at the district we take very seriously the charge that is ahead of us. The district is also starting this year with a new director of H.R. and a new head of its security division. A spokesperson says the departures of the people who had those roles previously does not have anything to do