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them to call families of students with special needs before the first day of school. The idea is for them to learn how to best support each kid. A spokesperson for the school district says we’re going to have a lot to do to earn the family’s trust back. Our hearts, my heart collectively hurts for everybody that was involved. Anyone who’s been impacted by this our families, our students and that hurt can’t take away the pain that people have experienced. We will continue to make changes tangible changes to better serve our students and families moving forward. >> One thing that has not changed the practice that allowed the district to hire the paraprofessional despite a misdemeanor child abuse conviction years prior. >> For the fourth time, former president donald trump is facing criminal charges this time in georgia tied to his efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election. This investigation started two and a half years ago after audio leaked from a phone call or trump asked georgia’s secretary of state to find votes. The 98 page indictment was unsealed overnight and trump now has ten days to turn himself in. >> 18 other people are charged in this indictment including trump’s former chief of staff mark meadows and former attorney rudy giuliani. And two of these people have ties to colorado. Our courtney who joins us live in studio with more on those charges. >> Good morning, courtney. Yeah, good morning, jordan and corey. Among those 19 defendants are former ku visiting professor john eastman and colorado attorney jenna ellis. According to the indictment, eastman was the architect of the trump team’s legal plan to overthrow the election. He has since left the u. But the colorado republican party just hired him as their lawyer representing them in their legal fight to end open primaries. Eastman faces nine counts. Jenna ellis is still an attorney in colorado and a former professor at colorado christian university. She’s facing two counts. The 98 page indictment laid out the many ways trump and his team obstructed the election, including lying to the georgia legislature, state leaders harassing election workers, breaching voting machines as well as engineering a cover up. >> Every individual charged in the indictment is charged with one count of violating georgia’s racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations act through participation in a criminal enterprise in fulton county, georgia and elsewhere. >> After a two and a half year investigation, the fulton county district attorney says she’s ready to try the former president and his six advisers within six months and she wants to try all the defendants at the same time. This is the fourth set of criminal charges for former president trump. >> All right, courtney, we appreciate that. Thank you. The mother of a six year old boy who shot his teacher in virginia is expected to plead guilty to related charges today. Stacey taylor is charged with felony child neglect and a misdemeanor of recklessly storing a gun. Court documents say her son used that gun to shoot his teacher back in january. The teacher survived but had to go through multiple surgeries. Still not clear exactly how the six year old got that gun. Taylor is expected to plead guilty to all charges today. The retired nfl star whose story was made famous in the book and movie the blind side says he was never actually adopted. Michael oher says the tuohy family actually put him in a conservatorship but presented it as an adoption or filed a petition to end the conservatorship yesterday saying he just discovered the truth a few months ago. A petition accuses sean and leann tooley of tricking or into signing a document in 2000 for three months after he turned 18 that gave them full legal control over any of his contracts. The blind side came out in 2009 or is that he never earned any money from the movie. He wants to end all legal ties they have to him stop the family from using his name and likeness and wants them to pay him his fair share. >> And what do you want to know about the weather as a look at your weekend in detail. 91 degrees on saturday, 63 degrees for the low maybe a scattered storm and sunday pretty much more of the same with 92 and 64 in an isolated storm as summer stays with us . >> Ed, thank you. >> One thing to watch out for just in the last couple of minutes we got reports of this and I found it in to see that camera westbound i-70 and hermine gold on the side of the road there. Fire crews are working to extinguish a fire. Moments ago you could see those flames. You can of course see that smoke at this hour. Right now they’re fully in that far right shoulder and I’m not seeing any traffic flow. So it’s possible that they are blocking things off. But again, this is westbound i-70 and herman dodge on the side of the road, a fire there. Again, no further details on how this started will get you any more information as soon as we learn it. Okay. Thanks, erica. It is 639 right now for broncos coach mike shanahan could finally get into the hall of fame this year the next step happening today up next. And I’m at renewed life at the frisco adventure park, a place that’s gotten busier in the summer and in the winter with one of the state’s most