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there’s a brand new indictment for donald trump over his attempt to overthrow democracy along with two people prominent in colorado politics . >> Police now say the man shot and killed by an officer didn’t have a knife. >> He had a marker shot. Police are now explaining why that officer fired with a child standing feet away after a staff member was charged for hurting half a dozen kids. A district is trying to make sure parents feel safe putting their kids on the school bus. >> We take very seriously the charge that is ahead of us. An underground coal mine that’s burning near homes is coming closer to the surface. The state’s taking emergency steps to prevent a wildfire. >> It could be the metro areas first real break from storms in weeks. We’re tracking the warm dry weather. 9news at ten. >> Starts now. Donald trump has until a week from this friday to turn himself in after his latest indictment over his attempt to overturn the election. Two people with strong colorado connections are among those indicted right along with him. >> The charges out an hour ago say that the trump team’s effort to overthrow the election result and seize power was a criminal conspiracy. Trump is charged with racketeering, false statements, conspiracy to commit forgery, filing false documents and trying to get peace officers to violate their oath. A lot of the evidence is already on tape in public like his call to an official in georgia saying that he needed to find 11,870 votes so that he could win the state. >> They are accused of breaching voting machines, harassing elections workers and trying to install slates of fake electors. Tonight trump again falsely claimed that the 2020 election was rigged and stolen. >> The fulton county district attorney says she is ready to try the former president and his advisers within six months time. The indictment alleges that rather then by abide by georgia’s legal process for election challenges, the defendants engaged in a criminal racketeering enterprise to overturn georgia’s presidential election result. >> Among the 18 other defendants indicted tonight are former C.U. visiting professor john eastman and colorado attorney jenna ellis. Eastman was the architect of the trump team’s legal plan to overthrow the election. He has since left C.U. but he just got hired by the colorado republican party to be their lawyer representing them in a legal fight to end open primaries in this state. >> Eastman faces nine criminal counts. Jenna ellis is still an attorney in colorado and a former professor at colorado christian university. She is one of several trump lawyers under indictment tonight. She faces racketeering charges as well as solicitation of violation of an oath by police officers. A number of her criminal charges relate to her testimony in public trying to convince legislators in pennsylvania, arizona, georgia and michigan to send in slates of fake electors for trump. If donald trump is indicted and convicted in georgia, he would not be able to pardon himself if he is reelected president as he could with a federal conviction. >> Denver police say a man shot and killed by an officer earlier this month was holding a black marker. The department released body camera video of the incident. It is tough video to watch. We will stop the video before the officer fires her gun. Here’s 9news reporter kelly rankine. I also want to acknowledge the fact that this is a tremendous tragedy. A father of three kids died earlier this month after a denver police officer shot him. Now the department’s police chief is explaining why. >> But I think it was just not much time to act before she was over run by that that individual. Things escalated quickly on august 5th after someone called 911a caller said a man was going after his son and possibly pushed his wife out of her wheelchair. That’s her. Captured on body camera video and then the officer’s attention goes to brandon cole who’s approaching a second officer shot shot. Listen to what I’m saying about officers say the 36 year old was holding something. >> They thought it was a knife while attempting to de-escalate the male by calling him by calling his name and speaking calmly with him. >> Listen to what I’m saying. Brandon hold walks towards the male officer when cole starts moving towards the female officer he deploys a taser stop. It doesn’t work. That’s where we’ll stop the video. Now notice the child behind cole when he was within several feet of the officer. >> The officer explained that she feared she would be stabbed and potentially overtaken by the subject. >> The officer fires twice. Cole was transported to the hospital and later died. >> The child and adult behind him were okay. There just wasn’t an opportunity to transition due