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. >> Trump indicted for a fourth time this time in georgia. Some coloradoans are also facing charges. Some policies are changing at hoover schools after a former employee hit multiple students with disabilities. >> Briscoe may be a place you’re going to want to travel next summer. All the changes involved with a $10 million expansion to the towns adventure park. >> Good morning everyone. Happy tuesday. Good morning everybody. >> Jordan and corey with you. Let’s get a check of your forecast now with ed green. >> Ed, it is the return of the nineties. Yeah sure is after 79 degrees yesterday and yesterday morning we started off tying a record low of 49 degrees. >> So yeah, this is really going to feel like summertime once again we’re starting off at 60 right now in denver across the state throws forties 56 grand junction approaching 70 degrees at moab is at 73 degrees at this hour so yes we’re starting to warm it up and we have a warm air mass in place will continue to warm that today. Any showers and thunderstorms will be confined to the southwest. Clear skies over the rest of the state but a little monsoonal moisture kind of pushes in there and we only have a couple of scattered showers and thunderstorms. No severe weather is expected so today 91 degrees after 79 yesterday. Lots of sunshine to go around to our might see a widely scattered isolated storm 94 degrees, 92 with sunshine on thursday. Look at how we end the week 95 degrees maybe a few scattered storms and scattered storms on saturday and we stay in the low nineties. >> Ed, thank you so much. Right now a live look at the drive here from see that view different views of i-25 at 20th street logan street sixth avenue and evans and all of them really showing the same thing a pretty quiet start to the drive and light volume out here. But quickly want to take you to the graphics if you are getting ready to travel to the highlands ranch area, you’re going to have some trouble. We’re getting a new report that the eastbound side of si 470 is closed because of vehicle fires between colorado boulevard and quebec street at this hour. I’m going to try and check our see that cameras and see if we can get a look at that area for you. But right now that’s going to be the spot to avoid. Right now rest of the metro though, pretty quiet and in the green no problems on 225 and same thing goes for that drive into commerce city on westbound 76 no delays. >> Erica thank you. Right now aurora police are asking for help in locating a missing man. His picture is on the screen. Police say joshua is 43 but functions at an eight year old level. Police only released his first name to us . Joshua hasn’t been seen since walking away from university hospital last night around 645. Police say josh has paralysis and walks with a limp. He was last seen wearing a blue nuggets shirt blue jeans, white shoes and maybe carrying a cane . >> This morning former president donald trump is facing another legal battle. He along with more than a dozen others have been indicted in fulton county, georgia. The charges came down overnight in a 98 page indictment. >> It claims the trump team’s effort to overturn the election result was a criminal conspiracy. Now news reporter courtney you is following the story for us and courtney among those named in this court filing are several colorado connections. Yeah, that’s right. Good morning, jordan and corey. Among those 19 defendants are former C.U. visiting professor john eastman and colorado attorney jenna ellis. According to the indictment, eastman was one of the was the architect of the trump team’s legal plan to overthrow the election. He has since left C.U. but the colorado republican party just hired him as their lawyer representing them in their legal fight to end open primaries. Eastman faces nine counts. Jenna ellis is still an attorney in colorado and a former professor at colorado christian university. She’s facing two counts. The 98 page indictment laid out the many ways trump and his team obstructed the election including lying to the georgia legislature, state leaders harassing election workers, breaching voting machines as well as engineering a cover up. >> Every individual charged in the indictment is charged with one count of violating georgia’s racketeer influenced and corrupt organization act through participation in a criminal enterprise in fulton county, georgia and elsewhere. >> After two and a half year investigation, the fulton county district attorney says she’s ready to try the former president and his advisers within six months and she wants to try all of the defendants at the same time. This is the fourth set of criminal charges for former president trump. >> All right, courtney, thanks for the update. Today the property manager of donald trump’s mar a lago estate is set for an arraignment in florida. Carlos de oliveira along with trump and several others are accused of illegally awarding classified documents. The arraignment for olivera was postponed last week because he had not gotten a florida based attorney. >> Denver police say the man killed in a police shooting earlier this month was holding a black marker. We want to warn you there is a new body camera video showing what happened. It is disturbing to watch so we’re going to pause it right before an officer fired her weapon shot. Go. Let’s go. Oh, that’s very okay.