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still at a full traffic here because of the crash. This has been for at least the last half hour that we’ve been following that closure. This is 76 and bad guys westbound delays we also have westbound 270 delays at vasquez. We want to take you to the graphics because there are a few other things I want to mention. These are those westbound delays coming into commerce city 35 minute travel time is what we’re dealing with hundred fourth avenue we still have a rollover crash clearing there. We’ve got a stop on i-20 by 58th avenue and then a southbound i-25 crash in centennial white dry creek road . >> This morning former president donald trump is facing another legal battle. >> He along with more than a dozen others have been indicted in florida. The charges came down overnight in a 98 page indictment that claims the trump team’s effort to overturn the election results was a criminal conspiracy. What are you is following the story for us this morning. According among those named in this court filing or several colorado connections? Yeah, that’s right. Good morning, jordan and corey. Among those 19 defendants are former see you visiting professor john eastman and colorado attorney jenna ellis. According to the indictment, eastman was the architect of the trump team’s legal plan to overthrow the election. He has since left sue but the colorado republican party just hired him as a lawyer representing them in their legal fight to end open primaries. Eastman faces nine counts. Jenna ellis is an attorney in colorado and a former at colorado christian university. She’s facing two counts. The 98 page indictment laid out the many ways trump and his team obstructed the election including lying to the georgia legislature, state leaders harassing election workers, breaching voting machines as well as engineering a cover up . >> Every individual charged in the indictment is charged one count of violating georgia’s racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations act through participation in a criminal enterprise in fulton county, georgia and elsewhere. >> After a two and a half year investigation, the fulton county district attorney says she’s ready to try the former president and his advisers within six months and she wants to try all the defendants at the same time. This is the fourth set of criminal charges for former president trump corey. All right, courtney, thanks for the update. >> Today the property manager of donald trump’s mar a lago estate is set for an arraignment in florida. Carlos de oliveira along with trump and several others are accused of illegally hoarding classified documents. The arraignment for all of their was postponed last week because he had not gotten a florida based attorney. >> A judge has sentenced cecily aguilar to 30 years in prison for her role in the murder of vanessa guillen and was only 20 when she was killed at the military base formerly known as fort hood. Aguilar pleaded guilty to being an accessory to murder after she helped her boyfriend dispose of guillen’s body. Prosecutors say that soldier erin robinson killed guillen then killed himself before authorities could arrest him. >> The state is asking a judge to let the new age limit for gun purchases stand while a legal challenge works through the courts. Last week the gun rights group rocky mountain gun owners won a temporary restraining order against a new law, a new state law raising the minimum age to purchase the gun from 18 to 21. A district court judge blocked the law from taking effect for now. Democratic governor jared polis is appealing arguing the law should be on the books. While the challenge precedes the state’s appeal to, the court calls the age limit a public safety issue. Just a few hours to go until it is back to school for kids in jefferson county. I mean they’re just about to start here. The bells are going to ring. That means a lot more people driving, riding bus and biking in the morning is where brianna fernandez is live outside of seacrest in arvada. And brianna, the sheriff’s office has a new plan to help keep kids safe. Yeah, that plan or that operation is what they’re calling it. It’s called the magic school bus. So the traffic unit is going to be following school busses all across jefferson county school districts to make sure that drivers are following the rules and of course slowing down near a school zone. So we know according to the colorado department of transportation last year statewide there were 185 crashes within school zones and 254 crashes involving school busses. More than 40 people were injured and one person died. Officials say area around a school bus is the most dangerous for children. So when you see a flashing light on a school bus it means that they’re about to make a stop and drivers should be prepared to stop as well. Children they’re hyper sensitive obviously they go in and they’re excited to start school again throughout the course of the year so they can might be distracted and you know, might not be looking all directions, making sure you’re aware before you pull away and just really maintaining your speed, adhering them to the speed limit so that within those school zones now if you do get caught that’s considered a misdemeanor and if you get a ticket that’s around $300 you