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eastman faces nine counts. Jenna ellis is still an attorney in colorado and a former professor at colorado christian university. She’s facing two counts. The 98 page indictment laid out the many ways trump and his team obstructed the election including lying to the georgia legislature state leaders harassing election workers, breaching voting machines as well as engineering a cover up every individual charged in the indictment is charged with one count of violating georgia’s racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations act through participation in a criminal enterprise in fulton county, georgia and after a two and a half year investigation, the fulton county district attorney says she wants to try the former president and his advisers within six months and she wants to try all of the defendants at the same time. This is the fourth set of criminal charges for former president courtney june 9news courtney, thank you. Today the property of donald trump’s mar a lago estate is set for an arraignment in florida. Carlos de oliveira along with trump and several others are accused of illegally classified documents. The arraignment for oliveira was postponed last week because he had not gotten a florida based attorney. >> A judge sentenced cecily aguilar to 30 years in prison for her role in the murder of vanessa guillen. Ian was only 20 when she was killed at the military base formerly known as fort hood. Aguilar pleaded guilty to being an accessory murder after she helped her boyfriend dispose of guillen’s body. Prosecutors say that soldier aaron robinson killed guillen then killed himself before could arrest him. >> The state is asking a judge to let the new age limit for gun purchases stand while a legal challenge works through the courts. Last week the gun rights group rocky mountain gun owners won a restraining order against a new state law raising the minimum age to purchase a gun from 18 to 21. A district court judge blocked the law from taking effect for now. Democratic governor jared polis is appealing arguing the law should be on the books. While the challenge precedes the state’s appeal to the court calls the age limit a public safety issue. >> An update this morning a man accused of pointing a laser at a police helicopter will face a federal felony charge. A federal grand jury indicted kevin adam check appointing a laser at a denver police helicopter back in march. The fbi is investing gating pointing lasers at aircraft just became a state felony as well. >> That law just took effect last month. It’s officially back to school for kids in jefferson county. That means a lot more people driving riding the bus and biking in the morning. >> Yeah, I just bought brianna fernandez shows us the sheriff’s office has a new plan this year to keep kids safe. >> Drivers should expect to see way more traffic than what they’re used to according to the colorado department of transportation. They say drivers should be aware that they’re sharing the roads now with school busses so they should follow the rules and of course drive extra carefully. Officials say that there is bus peak hours that start as early as six in the morning all the way through 820 and then start again in the afternoon drop off times. School busses make several stops. The drivers need to pay extra attention when they see bus stop arm extended and warning lights on this school year. The jefferson county sheriff’s office traffic unit started an operation called the magic school bus this morning they’re following busses to make sure drivers follow the stop signs and schools on speed limit. >> It really is a vulnerable time especially if there’s large drop offs of groups of children on school busses and things like that. Any kind of traffic violation within a school zone will double fines. So you’re looking up to a few hundred dollars very easily even for something as little as ten over. >> Last year according to the colorado department of transportation statewide they saw a 185 crashes near a school zone and then more than 250 involving a school bus. But I’m outside sea cross elementary. Brianna fernandes for nine years now, while many people feel like covid is in the past, denver public schools is still talking about it. They send out a set of rules for students ahead of the new school year. They say if you take a test and it comes back positive you should stay home for five days. You could end isolation and go back to school when the student is fever for 24 hours. However, dps says a student must still wear a mask through day ten across the country. >> More and more youth athletic programs are struggling with the shortage of referees and umpires. They also face a majority of kids leaving sport when they become teens and angry parents could be to blame according to the national alliance for youth sports. 70% of kids stop playing sports the age of 13 mostly due to parental behavior. And since 2018, more than 50,000 high school referees have quit citing actions of parents in the audience. >> Every single state at all levels are reporting the behavior of parents even at cio games. Many more incidents that are violent in nature not just verbally abusive. >> Parents are very wound up about their kids excelling. Their kids excelling is a status symbol for them their kids excelling as a way of living out their own.