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. >> A brand new indictment for donald trump tonight also charges to people his team who have deep colorado connections. >> Hunter schools are changing policy after former employee hit multiple students with disabilities. >> Boulder county wants to deal with an underground coal mine. It’s not far from where the marshall fire started. >> The grand jury investigating former president donald trump’s attempt to overturn the election in georgia has returned ten indictments. >> We have just found out within the last 2 minutes who is being charged and with what. In addition, charges against donald trump. This new indictment also involves charges against two prominent political figures in colorado, one of them being john eastman. He was one of the president’s attorneys. He was the former scholar of conservative thought at cu boulder who hatched the trump plan on how to overturn the election. >> He is charged for the first time. He was an unindicted in the federal case against trump. The indictment that was just unsealed moments ago out of georgia also references jenna ellis with charges against her. >> She was the former colorado christian university professor who caught trump’s eye when she defended him on fox news channel. She became a legal adviser to the president along with rudy giuliani, sidney powell and so forth who you see here. This was the legal dream team that the plan to overturn the election jenna ellis, a lawyer who her colorado license despite a challenge is now charged with a crime the state of georgia you give me just second. I’m going to read off what it is count one against ellis is violation of a racketeering statute. Count two against ellis is solicitation a violation of an oath by a public officer trump in this case one, 23456, seven, eight, nine , ten 1112 3014 counts in georgia this case did not just come for trump it came from everybody in his orbit and this is the result of an 18 month long investigation of course with the pressure for campaign in georgia after his 2020 loss, trump preemptively went after the prosecutor in this case who we expect to hear any moment, fulton county district attorney finney wills suggested without evidence she slept with a gang member she was investigating tonight trump again falsely claimed that the election in 2020 was rigged and the evidence a lot of it is what we know. There’s this phone call that I just want to find 11,780 votes that was the phone call that was recorded between trump and georgia’s republican secretary of state where trump told the secretary of state to find enough votes so that he could beat joe biden. They also have the testimony of john eastman before the legislature in georgia outlining what he wanted them to do to send a slate of fake electors to the capitol so that they could overturn the will of the voters in georgia and nationwide. Jenna ellis again the unindicted coconspirator, the colorado law professor at ccu who then became a fox news analyst and a trump legal adviser. She now has a a radio show on the salem radio network I believe and eastman who among other things is currently the attorney for the colorado republican party, john eastman was just hired by the state of republicans to try and overturn an open primaries in this state. So a past and present political figure in colorado politics indicted along with the president in georgia noteworthy about this indictment against the president unlike some of the others that he’s faced to state charge he would not be able to pardon himself if he is reelected president as he could with a federal conviction. Again, we’re expecting to hear from prosecutors in georgia any minute now. >> We will bring that to you when it happens. Denver police say a man shot and killed by an officer earlier this month was holding black marker. >> The department released body camera video of the incident. It is pretty tough video to watch. >> We’re going to stop the video before the officer fires your gun. There’s not news reporter kelly ripa. I also want to acknowledge the fact that this is a tremendous tragedy. A father of three kids died earlier this month after a denver police shot him. Now the department’s police chief is explaining. But I think it was just not much time to act before she was over run by that individual. >> Things escalated quickly on august 5th after someone called 911a caller said a man was going after his son and possibly pushed his wife out of her wheelchair. That’s her captured on body camera video and then the officer’s attention goes to brandon cole who’s approaching a second officer. >> Listen to what I’m saying, bro. Officers say the 36 year old was holding something.