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his former chief of staff mark meadows and attorney rudy giuliani who spoke with nbc news before the indictment was unsealed. >> These are attempts to prevent him from running for president. >> Fulton county district attorney fani willis launched the two and a half year long investigation shortly after audio leaks from a january 2021 phone call between the former president and georgia’s secretary of state. I just want to find 11,780 votes. The indictment lays out several other alleged criminal acts by some members of the group including forming a slate of fake republican electors, harassing poll workers and copying sensitive election machine data. Several georgia republicans who resisted pressure from mr. Trump and his allies testified before the grand jury. >> It’s been a lot of information for a number of years and this is our opportunity to get the real story out. My hope is that americans believe us . My hope is that republicans believe us that this election was fair and legal route. >> Mr. Trump has maintained he did nothing wrong writing on social media early this morning the witch hunt continues. Willis says she wants to go to trial within six months. All 19 defendants including the former president now have about ten days until august 25th to turn themselves in voluntarily to officials in georgia. In washington, chris malone, nbc news. >> Former siu visiting professor john eastman and colorado attorney jenna ellis are among the 18 other defendants indicted. Eastman was the architect of the trump team’s legal plan to overthrow the election. He has since left C.U. but the colorado republican just hired him as their lawyer representing them in their legal fight to end open primaries. Eastman faces nine counts. Jenna ellis is still an attorney in colorado and a former professor at colorado christian university. She’s one of several trump lawyers under indictment. Ellis faces counts racketeering and solicitation of violation of oath by a police officer. Coming up today on next at 6:00, our marshall salinger is breaking down those indictments involving coloradans. Volunteer officers will not be assisting aurora police any time soon. What city council decided monday night about adding those positions back? And new details the movie that won sandra bullock an oscar. What we’ve about the family and their relationship with mi