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>> Is the first state in the country to partner with prager u kids as an educational vendor the conservative-leaning educational media company ceo says their content is not controversial they say it’s the truth reporter chris gilmore spoke with her and others who disagree >> The state department of education has a new partnership with prager u kids that’s an education and entertainment company producing media videos the state says those videos can be used with district discretion the company ceo says that she’s combating a woke agenda and the company’s already aware of some pushback >> When those were trying to make sure that our constant does it make it into schools they lie about you know it’s simply disappointing because either they haven’t really watched our content and they’re making up lies or they have watched our content in there during the troops >> Prager u kids youtube channel features titles parents like michael chambers field makes sense now the top is good >> I don’t know within but if I do to yet topics to ownership of your life idols tail to the nasa after course use the finance institution course don’t want to wait >> Other parents like ed ben mallah gauge have a little more pause I mean because they’re owned by prayer and then obviously they’re going to have those same sort of leanings they have the same parent company where the controversy seems to lie with prayer you kids parent company prager you they are separate youtube channel claims to promote pro american values and includes videos with titles like make men masculine again and just say merry christmas we asked the state teachers will have access to this content as part of the deal waiting for a response and preview kids is what’s becoming an actual vendor in the state of florida and that is the piece that they have approved >> So it’s from the same organization but it’s not the the educational piece and that turn key lesson plans that we produce our within the preview kids department we asked the state for an interview regarding their partnership with breaker you kids instead they sent us this statent saying the florida department of education review prayer you kids >> And determined the material aligns to florida’s revised civics and government standards we’ll continue to press them for more details some of them may very good but other ones may not and you know same concern that some parents have about the liberal agenda in school is there’s the same concern for the far-right agendas >> In palm beach county chris kilmore wptv news channel 5 >> Students would need at least 4 months of additional instruction in math and reading to catch up on what they lost when covid for schools to shut down that’s according to a new study highlighting the lingering effects of covid learning losses millions of students prepare to head back to school experts say parents will also have to step in to help students get back up to speed up action absolutely reach out to their school reach out to their district react to their child’s teacher and get access to all of the latest data on where other student is doing >> Relative to where they should be and how their student is growing throughout the year pandemic-related learning loss is expected to have more than an academic impact according to another recent study by stanford university it could cost effective students $70,000 in potential earnings throughout their lifetime >> Well student lunches gotten healthier in recent years they still don’t meet us nutrition standards are recent study published by the journal of clinical nutrition shows that the current nutritional standards for school meals are not fully aligned with updated dietary guidelines for americans the study found as many as one in 4 us launches still have poor nutritional quality the latest guidelines recommend that meal served in school feature far less sugar and salt and more whole grains florida is seeing more and more cases of leprosy new research shows central florida has one of the highest rates of leprosy in the us the region also accounted for more than 80% of cases in the sunshine state and nearly one out of leprosy cases nationwide scientists completely sure how the disease spreads but 9 been did armadillos in the southeastern us are known to carry the bacteria the study is published in the journal emerging infectious diseases in a little less than 2 weeks a rare amoeba has killed at least 2 people in the us that includes one in georgia as reporter kaitlin knapp explains it could be related to scorching summer heat that we’ve had so far >> Here at the fgcu water school doctor barry rosen tells me that this particular amoeba naegleria fowleri right likes to feed off of those warm temperatures and july was the hottest month on record in fort myers so obviously it