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me at kendall dot branning wtxl dot tv and northeast tallahassee kendall brandt abc 27 >> Florida’s pushing back on controversy over new black history standards in public schools the department of education said they teach quote the good the bad and the ugly of the african american history members of the task force that created the lesson said their team was diverse and the group spent months conserving what to include but in a breakdown of the segments officials seem to gloss over one of the most controversial segments quote house leaves develop skills which in some instances could be applied for their personal benefit unquote florida’s commissioner of education called the curriculum among the best in the country >> Slavery is this time taking place every corner of the world from cartoon suggesting slavery in america wasn’t so could lead to spend of bill video offering young girls self pretty on how embrace their femininity space you a and children these are among videos produced by craig are you a conservative media company that describes itself as offering a free alternative >> To the dominant left-wing ideology and culture media and education florida’s education department recently approved some material branded as prager u kids for use in public classrooms we’ve discovered just how many school districts plan to make it available to students here we are not encouraging the use of those materials in pasco county the district has do plans to offer prague are you content but if a teacher wants to use it we will probably have further conversations about what your rationale is what standards supporting are there other resources that might be able to be used across the state we’ve discovered material from prague are you is also not being encouraged this year by dozens of other school districts in fact after asking all 67 school districts in florida if they plan to make prague are you content available to students this year just over half responded and all but a few telling know miami-dade decisions on teaching materials for the year are complete with additional resources vote not being contemplated at this time stated a district spokesperson saying for broward pinellas palm beach and lee county schools its leaders quote have not even talked about using it so it’s not available one a good some patriotic education for our children in a recent interview with our reporting partners abc action news in tampa the company ceo defended the organization and its contents which also portrays claims of racial profiling by police following george floyd’s death as a as the false claims of racial targeting spread >> So get the anger and silence our attention here at prairie you is to prevent the gaslighting to get more parents involved to get parents to be aware that there has been indoctrination a one-sided indoctrination in america’s schools the state’s prager u blessing comes just days before most florida schools reopen and while that’s likely cause several school districts and even conservative counties to table its use this year pollution sarasota who both had several school board members endorsed by governor desantis during last year’s school board races are among the only districts who told us their teachers will be permitted to use prager you to help me florida’s new civic and government standards >> Even though the state has approved this material most districts tell us they are not letting their teachers use it until district leaders review it first I’m katie lagrone reporting >> Well frustrations when filling up your gas tank soaring gas prices have us paying much more at the pump we check with triple a gas is averaging about $3.70 per gallon leon county slightly below the statewide average of 3.81 industry experts say there are 2 reasons for the increase the heat is affecting refineries along the gulf coast and that’s lowering supply and opec overseas is cutting production some hope the gas prices may have topped out for the summer in demand could ease a school starts but that could mean weeks of searching for a good price and it’s still hurricane season so just one storm could impact supplies and prices >> People are not the only ones feeling the summer he I’m kendall bright here neighborhood reporter in northeast tallahassee how miniature horses are staying cool this summer >> Arnold pond here in thomasville is having drainage issue I’m candace play cure thomasville neighborhood reporter and coming up find out why one local business owner is saying this is now a safety issue Hi! Need new glasses? Buy one pair, get one free at Visionworks! How can you see me squinting? I can’t! I’m just telling everyone!…hey! Buy one pair,