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prager u kids for use in public classrooms. We’ve discovered just how many school districts plan to make it available to students here. >> We are not encouraging the use of those materials. >> Pasco county, the district has do plans to offer prague, are you content? But if a teacher wants to use it, we would probably have further conversations about what your rationale is, what standards supporting. Are there other resources that might be able to be used? >> Across the state we’ve discovered material from prague are you is also not being encouraged this year by dozens of other school districts. >> In fact, after asking all 67 school districts in florida, if they plan to make prague, are you content available to students this year just over half responded and all. But a few telling us no miami-dade decisions on teaching materials for the year are complete with additional resources vote not being contemplated at this time stated a district spokesperson saint for broward, pinellas, palm beach and lee county schools its leaders, quote, have not even talked about using it. So it’s not available. >> One a good some patriotic education for our children. In a recent interview with abc action news, the company ceo defended the organization and its content which also portrays claims of racial profiling by police following george floyd’s death as a as the false claims of racial targeting spread. So get the anger and violence. Our attention here at prairie, you is to prevent the gaslighting to get more parents involved to get parents to be aware that there has been indoctrination a one-sided indoctrination in america’s schools. The state’s prager u blessing comes just days before most florida schools reopen. And while that’s likely cause several school districts and even conservative counties to table its use this year, pollution, sarasota, who both had several school board members endorsed by governor desantis during last year’s school board races are among the only districts who told us their teachers will be permitted to use prager you to help me florida’s new civic and government standards, even though the state has approved this material, most districts tell us they are not letting their teachers use it until district leaders review it first. I’m katie lagrone reporting. >> Speaking about changes across the state schools du campus safety measures are going into effect as part of florida’s new permit less concealed carry bill. It requires behavioral threat management operational guys for public and charter schools to help identify threats. Private schools can now also enter the guardian program. But broward county schools wants to look into its own police force. It’s not a new concept in florida. There are departments for miami-dade and palm beach school districts. >> No officers in the school become mentors to the kids and they beat the build this trust with young people. And then that young person has an adult can trust and they come to him in there, comfortable in sharing information back to get a little more consistency. Went to school district police department. Meanwhile, hillsborough county had 385 school guardians who are stationed at elementary and charter schools last school year. >> Law enforcement officers or school resource officers cover middle and high schools. And as we mentioned by new state law, the guardian program now be able to expand the private schools. >> Now to an update on florida’s crisis. There’s good news tonight. The florida aquarium says elkhorn corals are spawning in their coral care center in apollo beach. >> This spawn. Really shows us that with this elkhorn coral species, that is so importance of florida’s reefs and is. >> Genuinely threatened by everything happening. Our environment. >> This pond just really gives us hope that we can rebuild this species in the future and hopefully build more resilient offspring. >> As we have previously reported, a record number of corals are suffering from heat stress because of high water. Temperatures. >> All right. Let’s check back in with chief meteorologist dennis phillips. Dennis, any break in this heat anytime soon? >> Probably not windy. I mean, yeah, I doubt we’ll have heat advisories for the foreseeable future. I think we see it through friday. But by the weekend, probably looking at more better chances of some afternoon and evening storms as the winds come around again. But not tomorrow. Not thursday. Not friday. So if you missed this earlier in the newscast, heat advisories already been issued for tomorrow from 11:00am to 07:00pm. Pretty much exactly like today what we had today, temperature wise should be about identical to the area tomorrow. Maybe a few more storms start to pop up and inland spots thursday and friday, like they did today, a couple of heavier storms in the stern polk county. Otherwise the heaviest rain over on the east coast. It’s really been that set up all summer long and for at least the next 3 days we’re locked into that same west to east pattern by the weekend into next week. There’s the hint the winds will come around again. So if we get some storms earlier in the day, you’re not going to see is