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Ear, Nose & Throat Gastroenterology & gi Surgery Obstetrics & Gynecology Orthopaedic Surgery and Urology Tampa General Hospital Other hospitals practice medicine. We define it. >> From tampa bay streaming news leader. This is abc action news. >> Sparked when flying in a dramatic chase. We take you through. The new video is deputies found the suspect through multiple counties and as bay area families prepare for the first day of school. There are new concerns about traffic. The construction surrounding one campus that could cause serious traffic troubles. Mps are rise up. This is abc action news. Plus today the pinellas county school board will discuss adopted a new mileage rate. So we’re looking to how much that could cost you and your family. Abc action news reporter larissa scott is breaking down all the numbers and has more details on today’s public hearing. >> School leaders discuss here today will have an impact on pinellas county, homeowners proposed total tax millage rate for the 2023 2024 fiscal year is 5.9, 3, 8 mills. It’s lower than the actual rate levied for this past fiscal year. But as a result of a 12.2% increase in the tax roll, the new proposed millage represents a 10.8 7% increase. So the new proposed taxes to be raised by the total mileage rate would be about 83 million dollars more than the proceeds generated by last year’s village. According to the district’s documents, this will mean an increase in taxes for pinellas, homeowners, accounting for the change in assessed value. The district says the money goes towards things like to day operations, including school staff and utilities. And today’s meeting starts at 6.30 this evening for more information on how this could impact your taxes. Check out abc action news dot com reporting in pinellas county larissa scott, abc action news, hillsborough county students head back to the class next week. But parents who take their kids to school in seminole heights could be in. >> For quite the headache and less a disruptive infrastructure project wraps up in time. The project we’re talking about is at the intersection of hanna and central avenues. It’s blocking the entrance to seminole heights elementary school months ago. Contractors promise to finish that work before the next school year starts. But as of now work in the area continues to cause issues. >> We’ve encountered a multiple unforeseen conditions and the intersection along the roadway itself that are created multiple setbacks for us. >> As for the school, the project’s contractor says part of hannah should be repaid before next tuesday. This will give parents access to the school’s drop off loop. However, work throughout the area will continue for months. And we’ve got you covered students prepared to go back to school in the coming weeks. You can visit our website, abc action news dot com. You’ll find all of our back-to-school coverage. Plus a list of each bay area school district turns to the classroom. Vice president kamala harris will talk in a woman’s conference in orlando later tonight. She will respond to the state’s controversial changes to the way black history is taught in public schools. One of the major changes which has gained national attention includes lessons on how black people benefited from slavery. Several elected officials have opposed the new standards. Florida republican congressman byron donalds and U.S. senator tim scott spoken out against the program. Skies running against governor ron desantis for the republican presidential nomination. The vice president was just in jacksonville few weeks ago and spoke about the new standards just days after the controversial academic standards for black history curriculum, florida schools approved the use of an unaccredited supplemental curriculum created by prager u are you describes itself as a conservative nonprofit that offers an alternative to quote, dominant left-wing ideology florida is the first state to partner with prager U.S. an educational vendor, the state department of education says, quote, the prayer, you material aligns with florida standards and how to teach civics and government to k through 12 students. The miami herald reports some of the content is narrated by conservative personalities. But like september carlson and candace owens, department of education says the curriculum can be used as a supplemental material. Florida schools at district’s discretion. Cameras captured a dramatic multi county car chases happened sunday night in hillsborough county. Police say a chevy tahoe ran from a traffic stop. That prompted sparks come from the sheriff’s office vehicle after the deputy rammed into the suspect. Authorities followed the car north of i-75 through asco to hernando county and eventually into sumpter county. The driver, meanwhile, eventually drove into a parking lot of a gas station got blocked in. Authorities arrested the driver. The suspect had a warrant out for his arrest in hillsborough county. Are battery domestic violence. The