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>> I’m rochelle lean in tampa changes to florida’s education system are causing controversy once again. This comes after the florida department of education announced that it is partnering with prager, you kids, a conservative-leaning media company. Teachers are pushing an agenda. They’re pushing to educate children. >> This is pushing an agenda. >> A leader with the florida education association released this video claiming the move was a bad one. If people take the videos out of context. >> I’m sure they can twist it into a pretzel. But certainly not what we’re teaching here. But speaking to abc action news, the company’s ceo defended their content. >> When it comes to material in the way that is different is our content is completely wholesome and pro american. It’s a move that’s also left parents on either side of the debate. Topics to ownership of your life. >> Idols tail to the nasa after major course use the finance institutions. >> The governor is really hobbling florida schools right now and local school districts like pinellas county are also weighing in. >> I believe this should not be utilize. So I asked the chief academic officer if it would be used in pinellas county schools. And I was informed that the district has no plans of adding these resources to curriculum. >> In addition to pinellas county, polk pasco and hillsborough county schools have all told abc action news that they have no plans of adding prager u videos to the curriculum, both manatee and sarasota county schools have told us they’re working to confirm a decision from their curriculum team. But despite these answers, one parent who also works as a local teacher tells us the content can still be used in the classroom. Whether a district mandates it or not. >> So school districts saying we’re not going to say on monday you have to teach this predator us and does not mean that a teacher or a big fear is a substitute, doesn’t go in and say, well, I heard this thing about, craig. Are you going to pull this and we’re going to learn a lesson and she’s encouraging parents who are concerned. >> To opt their kids out of that potential instruction through their school district in tampa, rochelle, lean abc. >> Action news. >> The former president returned to washington, d.c., for his initial court appearance. This was one of us first highs back in the nation’s capital after he left office. >> For the 3rd time in 4 months, former president donald trump appeared before a judge on criminal charges. >> After entering a not guilty plea, he headed back to his golf club in new jersey. >> When you look at what’s happening, this is a persecution of a political opponent. This was never supposed to happen in america. This is the persecution of the person leading by very, very substantial numbers in the republican primary leading biden by a lot. So you can be done. You persecute them or you prosecute him. We can’t let this happen in america. Thank you very alike. >> The courthouse is about 2 blocks from the U.S. capitol, the site of the january 6 insurrection, tourists mixed in with trump supporters and opponents who came to witness history. >> By the end of the day like the other insurrection. So they held against donald trump. He’s going go up 3 to 5 points in the polls today. And I think that’s going to be very beneficial. So jack smith is acting more like a campaign manager for trump. Then acting like an ad, you know, an adversary. >> For him before. Asked, generally goes, soup for you. What made you change your mind? I think tried to divide the nation’s, you know, the first things the nation. No, our enemies. Special goals things. >> The 4 counts of the 45 page indictment outlined the ways. Prosecutors say then president donald trump conspired to stay in power despite losing the 2020 general election. He’s accused of conspiracy to defraud the united states page after page detail the charges and trump’s alleged criminal efforts. Prosecutors say trump along with 6 unnamed people try to overturn the election results by conspiring to obstruct the vote certification process, attempting to disrupt the joint session of congress and trying to interfere with voting rights and the integrity of the voting process. One of trump’s attorneys outlined a bail argue the case. >> Our defense is going to be focusing on the fact that what we have now is an administration that has criminalized the free speech and advocacy of a prior administration during the time that there’s a political election going on. >> The indictment emphasizes trump had a right to speak about the election and falsely claim there was fraud, but it