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us live from anthony davis beach along the courtney campbell causeway to explain why it could pose a bigger risk for all of us. Heather. >> Yeah, good morning. Great guy. Good morning, james. I should say and good morning, greg to but that, of course, means that the risk of or bacterial infections could be higher in that area in our area. And I was speaking with greg dee even just this morning about our water temperatures. And he says, you know, our water temperatures very kind of like our air temperature does from spot to spot. But overall, the water temperature here is at its highest of the season around 94 in the gulf and where I am along the bay. 96, which is a few degrees warmer than usual. And while that may not seem like a big deal, those few degrees can really throw things off. I’ve been speaking with doctors here in the bay area. They say when the water temperature goes up, there’s more bacteria like because they replicate faster in warmer water and that can cause sepsis or gastro and enter itis. How do you get infected cuts or wounds? Most of the time it’s putting yourself while in the water on the cup article, a rocker shell. But experts say it’s also a good idea to cover up any wounds that you already have and not go in. If you’re going to significant. And if you have an underlying health condition. >> Elderly people my age. I’m not sure what health but older than me. >> We see. These people much more active than they used to so they’re out getting used to seize. This is a higher frequency. Which again puts florida sort of in the bull’s eye of what’s happening. >> Yeah. If you have a significantly open wound or if you’re immunocompromised may be a good idea to avoid the salt water until that that he’ll certainly cuts that do occur and salt water concerning. Sometimes we do see people who cut themselves on barnacles or other debris that’s in in the water. So, you know, be careful try to avoid that. If that does occur, washed out really well. And then just keep a good eye on >> Now I spoke with a man who actually created a bandage that a that lets you know, when water has gotten into the bandage and into your wound. I’ll tell you exactly what that bandages coming up this morning at 6.30, for now. We’re live along the bay, heather lee, abc action news. >> Thank you so much, heather. Students in lake wales can expect to see improved safety measures at bus stops this new school year. It comes after teenager tragically was killed in february while waiting for his school bus. 13 year-old jayden. The lindo was hit and killed by a truck while waiting for his bus on a foggy february morning after his death, parents pushed city leaders to fix the lack of lighting at the bus. Stop city leaders work with polk county public schools and duke energy to conduct an audit. They found out of the 130 bus stops in lake wales. 16 of them didn’t have any lighting. >> 9 of them already had the infrastructure, the transformers, the polls and they were able to install new lighting there almost immediately. I all 9 of those were done by last may. >> The mayor says remaining lights are expected to be installed by the end of this month. >> And as florida students head back to the classroom, we have an update this morning on who will be using prager, u the florida department of education approved the use of teaching material from the conservative nonprofit aimed bringing more conservative ideology into public schools. We asked all 67 districts if they plan to make that content available just over half responded all. But if you told us know, pasco county says it has not. Develop plans to offer the content. And officials of pinellas county school say they haven’t even talked about using it. Volusia and sarasota counties are among the only district who told us their teachers are allowed to use it even though the state has approved this material. Most districts tell us they’re not letting your teachers use it until district leaders review it first and be sure to join us for live coverage the rest the week as many bay area kids head back to the classroom starting at 05:00am tomorrow will be live in pinellas, hillsborough, pasco and manatee counties. Friday will be in polk county for their first day. >> The tampa bay rays continue to pick up steam after disappointing july they beat the st. Louis cardinals. 42 last night at the trop. The rays are 73 in their last 10 games. Yandy diaz has been a big part of the turnaround last night. He went a perfect 4 for 4 at the plate on his 32nd birthday. Happy birthday. And e over the last 10 games he’s had 14 hits 2 homers. 7 rbi and run scored. The rays. Play the cardinals again tonight at the trop first pitch is set for 6.40, but there’s some bad news this morning for rays. Fans manager kevin cash says star pitcher shane mcclanahan. >> Is, quote, highly unlikely to pitch again this season. Mcclanahan dealt with back problems early in the year that sidelined him for several games. Well, now he’s struggling with forearm tightness. It’s unclear if he’s going to need surgery. Certainly thinking about him and his family. No doubt. That’s a big loss for the teens. We know that other players. >> In years past have stepped up to help them and hopefully they can get back on top of the division. >> Well, tampa bay bucs, they’re going to be back on the practice field is training camp continues. But today they’re going to have some special guests. It is community impact day with the welcome hundreds of guests