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superintendent shuffle. He stopped short of pointing blame. How much do they hold responsibility in causing this turnover and difficulty in recruiting, not just teachers but leadership in schools. >> I think will be very difficult to lay that the fault, if you will responsibility. Well, the leadership of this state. You know, public education has always on the front, front line, if it will controversial. >> Florida still an attractive place for open slot. I’m not sure I’d want to come to florida right now. >> After more than a decade, pasco school chief is retiring at the end of next year. His decision, the result of multiple factors. >> When, you know, you but he says florida’s current political climate. >> Is making it a little easier to know. >> I don’t think the superintendents school districts need to be micromanaged. I really don’t. >> And these turnover issues are impacting superintendents that are appointed not elected, which in our state amounts to roughly half of all florida school superintendents. I’m katie lagrone reporting. >> I pulled his most accurate hear chief meteorologist dennis phillips joining us here on this hot august thursday. Hits we know 4 more months to go one for a cold front. Yeah. I mean. >> Looking down the road and mean, this is how desperate we become for needing rain on the west coast, anywhere along the beach. We’ve got a really strong on the annual coming and historically on the nose, bring a very wet winter, saying that we’re not going to get rain before the boy. Were hurt. And even though the areas that are most desperate need are actually getting the rain right now from saint pete. Right on down to the skyway, southwestern hillsborough county, western manatee county, western sarasota county, some heavy downpours and some storms. But we’ve got a long way to go before we’re going to catch up and no longer be having a drought in those areas and some rain right now. Also across pasco county, as paul mentioned, it’s just all about the heat, upper 80’s to lower 90’s. Satellite picture shows at least the rains are moving back toward the coast and going to fill in over the next few hours. So we will be dodging thunderstorms till about 10 o’clock. We do it again tomorrow and by the weekend we get more moisture but a change in wind brings those storms again toward the other direction. What else is new? They’re dodging storms to 10 o’clock. We’ll talk about that weekend coming up in a few minutes. All right, dennis, thank u next up here tonight. Politics like it or not, is hovering over florida education these days and it may soon be injected. >> Right into your child’s classroom. The desantis administration recently giving the green light for a well-known conservative organization called prager u to show their videos to kids in class. Now, school districts in florida can independently decide whether or not to actually use the content. Prager u claims their videos are combating a, quote, woke agenda in education. That is a narrative that has been at the very center of governor desantis is presidential and gubernatorial campaigns. Parents have mixed feelings. >> Now the top is good. I don’t know. Within. But if I do to yet topics to ownership of your life. Idols tail to the nasa after course use the finance institutions course don’t want to one. >> Because they’re owned by prayer. And then obviously they’re going to have those same sort of leanings. They have the same parent company. >> Prager, u claims to promote pro american values and all new this week on my talk show full circle, florida. I interviewed the ceo of prager, or assist right. And I asked her whether or not her organization is actually trying to indoctrinate kids with political propaganda. Look at this. That the roster of speakers on prager use site does include prominent right-wing commentators. These are famous right-wing celebrities. You know, ben shapiro just to name one. So why should parents trust that this content is not completely absent of politics and some sort of political driven agenda to force a certain viewpoint on their kids. >> I mean, I just think it’s a little bit of a silly statement to say that if somebody is a conservative, they can’t be a teacher. I mean, I remember this incident that we have with dennis prager a few years ago where people just went ballistic because he was conducting a symphony in santa monica, california. And, you know, people are like, oh, well, he’s not allowed to conduct a sin table. Why should conservatives not be allowed to be teachers? The vast majority of teachers in in in colleges and great schools, you know, are very much on the left. Anybody have a problem with that? To me? Why not have conservative teachers too? Why not allow our our our children to learn from, you know, from conservatives and people on the left and and ultimately have exposure to multiple perspectives as they get older so that they really have a you know, a real holistic education. >> Well, does prager you offer viewpoints on that end of the spectrum from the left?