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>> Florida governor ron desantis sent a letter to vice president kamala harris now at 6, a discussion he now wants to have with her as she prepares to speak before thousands of people in orlando. >> And pinellas county homeowners could see their taxes increase or is this gonna coming up with the school board is discussing about mileage rates today? >> Good morning. And thank you so much waking up with us. I’m deiah riley and good morning, everybody. I’m james tully. Hopefully blinded by the super moon, the spurgeon moon or whatever it is outside this morning. Greg dee is really excited. I love the moon’s. A favorite. Good luck everybody. >> 6 o’clock on this tuesday morning. We are looking at the full moon this morning looking have you guys they’re pros at take a I was speaking of the full moon. There it is right here over the gulf of mexico. >> Biggest can be it’s a super full moon, the sturgeon moon as well dramatically covered up by some scattered clouds over the gulf of mexico. This is on anna maria island. >> Sunrise this morning, 6.53 normal high is 91 will be right around there. Now, this is an interesting place to look at the camera this morning. 79 right now at anne marie. And that’s because look at that just off of being point already, looking at a shower, whatever high-resolution model certainly was picking up. Thunderstorms developing between pass a grill in longboat key this morning. And that may be the case out there now. Now there are additional showers out in the gulf of mexico. No one seeing them on land yet. But anna maria, you’re pretty close to getting it down ports. 82 right now in saint pete, 79 in tampa. 75 in plant city. 73 in lakeland. It is the first of august. Our nights now are significantly shorter than they were in the first day of summer. So you will notice the morning’s through the month of august will slowly start to feel a little bit more comfortable the afternoon who will not work nowhere near fall here. Okay. This is still mid summer in florida. Temperatures in the 90’s triple digit heat index values and those pop-up storms returning. We’ll talk about the timing of the rain coming up in just a few minutes. Jazz. Good morning. How the roads looking on this tuesday. Good morning there. Looking really good, greg. I tried to find a moon camera, but I couldn’t find one. So I’m going to have to try and see. But when you pull first. >> I do want to see that moon out there. That’s going to be beautiful now. I will say right now something else that’s beautiful. Where roads are shaping up this morning. Starting off. Nice and strong. Pretty quiet for the most part. 2 to 75 at i-4 at the i-four interchange. Not a problem at all. That is a big deal. When I’m able to say nothing is a problem on our roadways, especially at this hour. I love being able to say that when it starts off nice and strong looks like the drive times along the veterans expressway. Same thing there. If you’re headed south and you’re taking gunn highway to 2.75, looks like you have about an 8 minute commute. So under 10 minutes, they’re not too shabby to start. James, back to you. >> Okay. Thank you so much, we’re going to start this hour with an update here. The florida department of law enforcement issued an amber alert for a missing 14 year-old volusia county girl. You probably received it last night. Officials are looking for barbara sedan. Ski. These are pictures of the teen who was last seen in daytona beach. The fdle says they have found the vehicle. They believe she was traveling in this morning. Barbara was it’s still not been found. No in other information about the location. The vehicle has been revealed yet. But if you see barbara, you need to call 9-1-1. >> Today, vice president kamala harris is traveling to orlando. She’ll give the keynote address before 3,000 delegates from the nation’s oldest african american protestant denomination. The vice president is expected to once again addressed florida’s controversial new curriculum for teaching black history in public schools. The changes include lessons on how black people benefited from slavery. Several black republicans, including congressman byron donalds and senator tim scott have publicly opposed the new standards. Last night governor desantis sent a letter to the vice president, desantis wrote, quote, I am prepared to meet as early as wednesday of this week. And one example we could set for an edge for the nation. A serious conversation on the substance of an important issue. I hope you’re feeling up to it. The governor also invited doctor william allen, one of the people who helped develop the new standard. So far, the vice president has not responded to the invitation. The letter accuses the biden administration is spreading misinformation about the new standards and says, quote, we are committed to teaching truth, not partisan narratives. Meanwhile, the florida department of education just approved the use of an >> An accredited supplemental curriculum created by prager u prager. You describe themselves is a conservative nonprofit offers an alternative to, quote, dominant left-wing ideologies. Miami herald reports and the content is narrated by conservative personalities such as tucker carlson and candace owens. Florida is the first state to partner with prager. U is an educational vendor. The state dot says the