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at a price they can for. Right now we’re offering a complete ac tuneup for just 89. 95. If you need to replace your system, straw has 0% financing for up to 36 months as your ac not calling you a call. Strada. >> Good morning, tampa bay. Let’s get your day started. This is abc action news taking for you. >> All right. Thanks for staying with us. Another half hour here of good morning, tampa bay, I’m james tully. Here’s a look at some of the top stories we’re following for you this morning. One lucky person, florida won the mega millions jackpot worth an estimated one point 5, 8 billion, laura, the 3rd largest jackpot in U.S. history. The winning ticket was sold at a publix store in neptune beach. The winner can choose a lump sum payment about 783 million or the full prize over 29 years. Psta once again offering free rides for students, teachers and school staff on all buses every day in pinellas county. This is the second year they’ve done it. If you want to ride, all you have to do is show a school id to the bus driver. But it’s not limited to school-related trips. The ceo of psta clarify these can be used to go on and jobs after school activities or even the beach. The new school year starts tomorrow for the majority of bay area kids. There are new questions about the changes to the curriculum in hillsborough county. The district is. >> Limiting how students read shakespeare instead of reading the full text from sunday’s classics like macbeth, hamlet, romeo and juliet students really read excerpts. The district says the change was made because of the new statewide teaching standards and new set of exams to cover a vast array of books and writing styles usf associate english professor. We talked to explains children will lose out by not reading shakespeare’s full body of work. >> What they miss out when they do that, is they miss out on being able to talk about characters, how they grow from the beginning of a text to an end on how themes develop over the course of the novel or a long play. They’re not going to be able to to talk about that. If all they’ve gotten are segments snippets. So I do think it’s important that whatever you teaching high school, whether it shakespeare not or whatever play that they be used to speaking about full texts. >> We haven’t heard from the florida commissioner of education about hillsborough decision to only use excerpts from shakespeare’s works. But yesterday, manny diaz sent out his august books in the month list from the and juliet was on it for kids in 9th through 12th grades. And as far as students head back to the classroom, we have an update on who will be using prager u the florida department of education approved the use of teaching material from the conservative nonprofit aimed at bringing more conservative ideology into public schools. We asked all 67 districts if they plan to make that content available just over half responded. But all but a few told us no. Pasco county says it has no plans to offer the content an official. The pinellas county schools say they haven’t even talked about using it pollution. Sarasota counties are among the only district who told us that teachers are allowed to use it, even though the state has approved this material. Most districts told us they’re not letting your teachers use it until district leaders can review it first. Be sure to join us for live coverage rest of the week as many bay area kids head back to the classroom starting at 05:00am tomorrow will be live in pinellas, hillsborough, pasco and manatee counties. Friday will be in polk county for their first day. Don’t tell you, but it has been incredibly hot outside this summer. That heat forcing waters in our area to really warm up right now. Water temperatures are at seasonal highs which doesn’t cool you down but could increase the likelihood of an infection. New this morning, abc action news reporter heather leigh speaking with experts about this risk. >> A hot day at the beach is usually paired with several dips in the gulf to cool down. >> I’ve never seen it this hot my life. >> If you’re from florida, you’ve heard the goals can feel like bath water. But lately the temperatures have felt more jacuzzi like creating a space for bacteria like abc action news meteorologist greg dee says our water temperature varies like air temperature from spot to spot. But overall it’s at its highest of the season around 94 in the gulf and 96 in the bay. And while a few degrees warmer than usual may not seem like a big deal. Those few degrees can really throw things off. >> And warmer water. Pathogens. Replicate faster and they’re so as result. If you look at it. Save victory out from cuts that the beach. Even guess trying to write a sunsets. Gone way up. >> Doctor john senate, professor of medicine at usf in tampa. General hospital says folks who cut themselves in the water on a barnacle. Rocker shell are at risk. >> Elderly people my age. I’m not sure what health of the older than we see. These people much more active than they used to so they’re out getting used to seize. This is a higher frequency. Which again puts florida sort of in the bull’s eye of what’s happening. >> Doctor david wean the chief of emergency medicine tampa. General hospital says folks who have compromised immune systems can also be at high risk. He says those folks