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center the years street. And to jacksonville, sheriff tk waters announce he is ending the contract with the duval county jails, current health care provider. This change comes after a reported spike in deaths since 2017. The new company nap care takes over september. First with a 5 year, 110 million dollar contract. And that one the road to the super bowl officially begins this morning when the jags get on the practice field training camp goes until august 10th. But remember, you do have to have a ticket to get in. No walk-ups will be allowed it to ross with the 3 big things you need to know. >> We things powered by safe touch security. >> This week, the jacksonville aviation authority is set to approve the design and construction phase of a 3rd parking garage at jacksonville international airport. The estimated costas supposed to be about 100 million dollars for that new garage and another 10 million for a surface lot. We’re told officials will approve the plan tomorrow. >> I’m action news. Jax meteorologist corey simmons going to be hot and humid this weekend. I’m tracking some sea breeze storms and we have jags training camp. Let’s go. Coming up. >> Are you ready to see the jags back on the field? Today is your first chance. We’ll get you ready for the first day training camp and prager. U videos will now be available in florida schools. Why critics say they don’t want their kids watching lessons. The conservative group pu Wawa Recharger energy drinks give you the energy… for whatever life brings. – So you guys got next? – We did just order an extra energy boost. – Let’s go! – Customize your energy with a new Wawa Recharger. Energy for every day. Tony, your parents know you’re over here again, right? Yup. Great. Tony lives next door. See, his parents decided to just use their phone for home internet. So when everyone is on, Tony’s over here streaming and drinking all my soda. My dawg. Get Internet on the Xfinity 10GNetwork and Unlimited mobile together for just $50 a monthwith no annual contract. We’re going to bed, Tony. G’night. I’ll lock up if I leave. Get real home internet on thenext generation 10g network. Only from Xfinity.