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>> What to watch is brought to you by closets by design. Imagine your home completely organized. >> A florida man is going to great lengths to save his garage from a government order to tear it down. New at 6 action news jax phil amato explains why this garage is so important to him. How do you get your pizza? >> Probably not through a home depot bucket attached to a string. >> Was in the bucket. >> Probably don’t eat it in your garage roof but this might just become the usual for rick. I’m up here because the town of fort myers beach in the state that decided that they wanted to demolish my garage and he’s not about to let that happen. There’s nothing that can get me off the streets this garage. It’s not just any garage that help save wreck during hurricane when the water overtook his home, tied myself onto the corner here of the garage and mean, swim for next or to try and make it to my family. So why does the town want to tear it down? Here’s the issue. He was regulating say that this garage is a water lee attached structure that was attached to rick’s house, which he lost during hurricane ian. Therefore, it has to go to fema standards are so strict that makes it difficult for the town to have the flexibility to do what they’d like to do, which is to help them save their garage. But rick and his wife, amy, say this garage was a separate structure, would separate was barely even attached. You can see where the house used to join the garage here. >> They had plans to rebuild. But now those have been stalled. A common occurrence on the island not really up here just for myself from up here because everybody’s having a similar story. It’s. >> It’s not just my story. There’s a million different stories from local coverage. You can count phil amato action news, jax. >> State farm insurance is tallied up the bills for the hurricane season last year. And the company says it received nearly 59,000 claims and paid out 597 million dollars after hurricanes ian and nicole state farm will no longer offer residential auto or umbrella policies in florida. >> Most of northeast florida goes back to school in one week. All the public schools in counties orange on this map start august 10th in duval county schools start august 14th, the duval county school district held a special meeting to update members of jacksonville city council on issues for the year ahead, the dcps chief of schools laid out the district’s overall goals to city council. 2 of the big topics, the search for a permanent superintendent and construction and renovation of school buildings. >> We have identified some of the skills and traits that the board is looking for in the next superintendent. Our meeting next week will a certain talk more about how are we going to get the community engagement peacetime? And one acting superintendent doctor dana, kristen are stepped up to the podium. The big question from a council member. As district leaders continue the conversation with council members, they will schedule another joint meeting. >> College board says the florida education department will no longer use the advanced placement psychology program. The college board says the decision is based on content on orientation and gender or identity that is illegal. Under florida law. We have reached out to the state education department for comment. The florida education department has partnered with prager u kids. It’s a politically conservative educational media company. The companies owned by prager u an adult oriented education company offering videos like make men masculine again and just say merry christmas. The state education department says the florida department of education reviewed prager u kids and determine the material aligns with florida’s revise civics and government standards. >> Doppler hd. Always tracking, always alert. >> Just garrett bedenbaugh live on 5. She first alert. Doppler hd tracking some downpours here. Very isolated. But slow moving downpours here as we look even into western duval county, a few of these have popped up near just to the south of 100rd street over to normandy boulevard in the macksville and near and south of the north-south runway there cecil airport. But we are seeing on highway 301 right at the clay county, duval county border, a heavy downpour and a few of the showers here in baker county over into bradford county and over in the lake butler are seeing a heavy shower there for you, a downpour and we can see it live here from our weather stem camera network in lake butler will take that live here for you. 94 degrees. That will help cool you down. But definitely look at that. You can see where raining and then where you see the sunshine. There’s where the end of that heavy rain is right there at the base of the cloud. So we’re tracking that for you here live from the union county emergency