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change the deputies that we have to have more do that. >> The meetings are open to the public and there will be one in all 14 council districts. The next meeting is set for august 9th. That’s at riverside church at park in king from 06:00pm to 08:00pm. >> With just 10 days until the start of the new school year for duval county public school student, the city of jacksonville and the cps board members say they’re getting ready now. Yesterday district leaders spent time talking with city council about the state of our schools, the cps board chairwoman doctor kelly coker also gave the council an update on the search for a new superintendent of schools. >> We have identified some of the skills and traits that the board is looking for in the next superintendent. Our meeting next week will a certain talk more about how are we going to get the community engagement peacetime? >> As district leaders continue the conversation with council members. They have another joint meeting schedule very soon. We will bring it to you once they decide a date. The state of florida is getting rid of ap psychology in schools. That’s if 2 topics are not cut from the curriculum. >> Yesterday the florida education department decided to no longer use the program. The college board says the decision is based on content on orientation and gender or identity. That’s illegal. Under florida law, the education department says schools can still have the class if they drop those 2 topics from the curriculum. According to a report from the department ap, psychology was the 5th most popular advanced placement class in the state. Meanwhile, the ceo of the american psychology association weighed in saying, quote, and advanced placement course that ignores the decades of science studying orientation and gender or identity would deprive students of knowledge. They will need to succeed in their studies in high school and beyond. Now we told you at the end of the month when the florida education department partnered with. >> Prager, you kids. Now this is a politically conservative educational media company. The company is owned by prager you that’s an adult oriented education and company. It offers videos like make men masculine again and just say merry christmas. The state education department says that the florida edge department of education review prager u kids and determine the material aligns with florida’s revised civics and government standards. >> Well, the governor ron desantis is now up for debate in california. Governor gavin newsom. Newsom was actually the first to agree to the debate back in june when asked by fox news host sean hannity. >> I’m all-in kind. You would do a two-hour debate with to say I make it 3. Wednesday night. Hannity pose the same question to desantis. >> Your answer is. >> Absolutely. I’m game. Let’s get right away. >> The rivalry between the 2 governors heated up last year when newsom ran an attack ad in florida on the 4th of july. Reports say there are a few dates in november that been floated for the debate. The census campaign, though, would not confirm those times. Meanwhile, the nba players association is condemning the political donation from the orlando magic to desantis is campaign. We told you yesterday that orlando magic and its owner richard, the boss made a $50,000 donation to governors to the governor’s campaign. The players association says the vast did not consider the diverse values and perspectives of all staff and players. A jacksonville apartment complex is the subject of scathing letter from florida senator marco rubio. He’s asking the U.S. department of housing and urban development. >> To look at the monaco arms apartments on the north side. Tenants they are concerned. They say about a gas leak. Office reached out to hot on july 10th. We found he says that there’s no evidence the department has taken any actions since then to protect the residents living here. >> Property taxes are going up in saint johns county for 2020 for the proposed tax rate is the same as last year. But home values are trending up. Residents who own a home valued say at around $500,000 can expect to pay about $3400 more county property taxes. The county says property values are up about 16 and a half percent on average. Now the proposed county budget is 1.2 billion dollars that will allow the county to add some 45 firefighters. And at 5 marine rescue positions, the final vote on the budget and tax rate is set for september 19th. From action news. Jax first alert weather center. I’m meteorologist corey tracking some isolated showers in southeast georgia this morning. >> Primarily be north of the state line. I have painted in lake city with of an isolated risk in that shower. But looking less and less likely for you. Isolated from waycross folkston up to brunswick. And then later today this afternoon and