After Hours With Alex Salvi

food at home without switching brands to learn how to help your dog live a long, healthy life. Just visit. Check your dog food dot com that’s check your dog food .com. What’s been the main debate since the inauguration? No, I’m not talking about the impeachment trial. I’m talking about the push to get kids back to the classroom on lee to be met with opposition from teachers unions. It’s a rare issue where the minority is exerting its influence and a disproportionate way, with critics saying it comes to the detriment of children as well as parents, so joining us now to dive deeper into the issue is rebecca friedrichs of four kids in country. She’s the former california teach you’re a former union representative on was the lead plaintiff in the 2016 supreme court case against the national education association. So, rebecca, when we look at this issue, it’s a really interesting one of me, because very rarely is there an issue that the media cares about that actually affects a lot of families at home, and this is one of them. So I think when we’re laying out this debate, it’s important to know that parents, for example, one together kids back to the classroom. They know that there’s damage being done right now. But on the other side of this debate is the teachers unions. What exactly are they fighting for? Well it’s very interesting. The union’s believe in never let a crisis go to waste. So they’re telling all of us that they’re fighting for safer schools. But that’s not true. In reality, they’re using our kids and our teachers as pawns for their political games. It’s very dangerous for our republic. So with the unions desire to do is undermine our freedoms. They they’re socialists. They want to push socialism and they’ve been doing that through our k 12 schools and universities. So our founders knew you can only keep a free republic with a well educated moral citizenry that can self govern, so that’s why they use our schools to undermine our republic. And it’s also why if we ever do get our schools open, they will continue indoctrinating our kids in socialist propaganda and destroying our educational excellence. So parents really need to think twice about this. Yes we want our schools open desperately, but we do not want to open them status quo with the government and there, you know. Is continuing to be in control. We want to kick those folks out and run the schools by parents and good teachers and local communities. And you know, I’ll be completely honest. This is an issue that I’m just kind of getting into a little bit now. It’s not something that I’ve paid attention to. But over the past year I remember when the height of the protest, for example, there were teachers union, saying we won’t go back to school until there are reforms made to the police department. And I remember back then thinking, what exactly does that have to do with anything? Why would a teacher’s you don’t have that type of weight and then fast forward to where we are? No. One even during this conversation, even in places like chicago I heard on mayor lori lightfoot say the other day that the teachers unions in her home city right there or acting more like a political party, and that is one pretty progressive democratic mayor speaking out against the teachers union who is now as she says, acting more like a political party. So what type of influence to these unions have over politicians, for example, such as the biting administration who we really don’t know where they stand on this issue. Oh they’re matthis influence over politicians, especially those like lori lightfoot. She caused the problem. She should be looking in the mirror. She made a deal with the devil. And now we’re all getting burned because of it. Joe biden administration. All these democrat politicians on the far left are completely controlled by teachers unions. I’ll tell you how it works. Teachers unions collect billions annually in tax free dues from educators. They also collect from other government employees. Other government unions are involved in this as well. So there’s this massive war chest tens of billions of dollars. Most of it is spent on politics, not on collective bargaining, and even the collective bargaining is political, but they spend the money on campaign financing. Coerced government employees who are boots on the ground for free, constantly lobbying, mass marketing automatic audience of millions of workers. Infrastructure website, social media, you name it, they support it. If the u. The politicians do with the unions want to get rewarded if they don’t they get punished, and the unions use mafia tactics. The best thing we could do to save our republic is to make these government unions ill legal again like they used to be their out of control. They need to be removed. Yeah, and, you know, I’m glad you bring up history in this context to because I’ve heard a lot of people asked a similar question as to whether or not a president in this case, president biden could do something such as fire teachers. I know that is something that a lot of people point that ronald reagan did when there were air traffic controllers that were striking. He essentially said, you know what? Okay, we’re going to fire all of you and hire new ones to bring in and when it comes to teachers, it’s something that I hear from a lot of young teachers in particular. Sometimes I get frustrated with tenure because they feel that those who have earned it are no longer trying to earn it. And there are a lot of young people trying to enter the industry to that can’t necessarily do it. Does the president have that sort of power, for example, to do away with teachers, unions or fire teachers and bringing people who do want to work right now?