Air1 | Webinar: How Churches, Small Businesses Can Access Emergency Relief From Federal Economic Plan

HOUSTON/KAIROS— With the entire country waiting on The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act to pass, one executive search firm has provided a resource to empower small business owners, churches, and nonprofits to understand how it will affect them. Vanderbloemen, the leading Christian search firm, hosted a Facebook Live on March 25th detailing how the recent government updates will affect churches, Christian schools, nonprofits, and values-based businesses during COVID-19.

Vanderbloemen’s hour-long broadcast focused solely on that issue, particularly as churches and 501(c)(3)s were included in the bill in recent days. The response to the webinar was overwhelming as the need to understand the bill far outweighs the resources available to understand the 880-page document.

Sutton Turner, the Chief Operations Officer of Vanderbloemen, studied the bill extensively and spent time in the webinar to explain the nuances of how much aid will be given to small businesses, churches, and nonprofits, how that aid is calculated, what it covers, and the details of how aid is accessed.

According to Vanderbloemen, the response has been nothing short of a landslide. CEO and Founder William Vanderbloemen said,

“The lead team of our company has spent most of today just answering questions from all over the US about this bill. We knew that clients needed this information, but the need was far greater than we anticipated. While we aren’t attorneys or bankers, Sutton Turner did a fantastic job researching the bill and guiding our audience through its impact on their organizations. I couldn’t be more proud of our team and hope this is helpful to thousands of small businesses, churches, and nonprofits in the days to come. Small businesses, churches, and nonprofits are the backbone of this country, and we are honored to be able to help all of them in this critical time for their survival.”

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