Alex Wagner Tonight

>> It’s a an ideal and a set of values, stemming from judeo-christian principles. >> Despite of what some people think masculine is not toxic. >> Most gender stereotypes exist because they reflect that many women are naturally different. >> Eventually, all socialist countries face serious scarcity basic needs. >> He came to india when the british empire took control, along with advancements in transportation, agriculture and government, the british spread the influence of christianity and western values throughout india. >> The ses, the famous benevolent occupation of in english occupation of india. These are part of a program called prageru kids. It’s overtly right-wing and answers a question I’ve had for awhile. Ever since florida governor ron desantis signed the state’s socalled stop woke act, which stopped anything from teaching anything woke in florida schools, I’ve wondered what that will actual mean for lesson plans and class time. While last week we got our first glimpse of that with florida’s new history standards that require students to be taught that black americans benefited from slavery. And now we have another glimpse. Prageru kids. The right-wing nonprofit prage university which is actually not an academic accredited educational institution says about fighting back against left wing propaganda taught in schools. That is about kids magazines a, talk about american heroes, like ann rand, jay swab, or ones that push clean coal, and describe climate change as an unproven and debated theory. It also shows videos about why your kid should back the blue and reject black lives matter. It also has crafting lessons like building a model version of israel’s iron dome. A classic children’s activity right up there with cats cradle. There is also lots and lots of overly religious quote judeo-christian content. All of that is now approved for any florida teacher who was to use it is supplemental content in his or her classroom from kindergarten to 12th grade. According to prageru’s website there’s much more coming soon. Ladies if that affects you, take just try smiling this is a quote from prageru you on how to be a woman. We have one more story tonight. And it is actually hopeful news about how our country is remembering the darker parts of its history. That’s next. ‘s next.