Arkansas Democrat-Gazette | Arkansas pastor speaks at Trump prayer service

WASHINGTON — A Northwest Arkansas preacher attended church twice last week with the nation’s new president.

Inauguration morning, Springdale’s Cross Church pastor Ronnie Floyd worshipped with President-elect Donald Trump at St. John Episcopal Church in Lafayette Square in Washington.

The church sometimes is referred to as the “Church of the Presidents,” because every president since James Madison has visited its congregation, according to the National Park Service.

On Saturday, Floyd and Trump bowed their heads at the Washington National Cathedral, site of the National Prayer Service.

Floyd said it was “a real honor and privilege” to speak at Saturday’s event.

“I enjoyed the fellowship of the morning. It’s obviously very humbling to be able to speak the word of God and read the word of God with the nation’s leaders right there in the room right before you,” he said.

The church pastor and former Southern Baptist Convention president was asked to read the 23rd Psalm.

“Obviously there are all different faiths that are represented. [The] Christian faith was represented really strongly. So I’m grateful that we were able to talk about the Gospel and Jesus and those matters with some of our brothers,” Floyd said.

Once Saturday’s service ended, he didn’t tarry long. The calendar wouldn’t let him.

“Sunday’s coming, brother. You know what I mean?” Floyd said, as he prepared to board a plane for Arkansas.

He’s scheduled to preach at Cross Church’s 9:15 a.m. and 10:55 a.m. services today. His sermon is already written, but he’s reserved three or four minutes so he can tell the congregation about his trip.

On Saturday, he got the chance to speak briefly with Trump again.

“I was able to shake his hand as I walked out,” Floyd said.

“I reached out my hand, and I told him ‘Blessings on you, Mr. President’ and he thanked me,” Floyd said.

The Arkansan said he’ll be praying for the Trump administration in the coming days.

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