Armstrong Williams Town Hall

Welcome to the broadcast. Smoke them, huh? That’s exactly what the House Speaker,Kevin McCarthy, did this week to President Biden and his Democrats. Absolutely smoke them on the debt ceiling negotiations. Let me remind you, this was the same Biden White House and polls who said he would have zero talks with House Republicans over compromises to negotiate a debt ceiling extension. Zero talks the same by the White House who said that House passage of debt ceiling language couldn’t be done. And guess what? When it was done,they said it would harm the markets and jeopardizethe credit standing and the United States. What do we call this? More fear. This is the same Biden White House who said it would never meet the Republicans whiff but never give in on a clean debt ceiling extension, never with meet with them not giving an extension. And yet there we are, smoking them. Does the press are big media reportinga major political loss for Biden? I don’t think so. It does make me to at least replaythe areas where Biden backed down. No, I. Haven’t seen the first story on such political malpractise of Biden’s part. Zilch. Kind of sad, isn’t it? Said the press is so in the tank for Dems. They can’t even call a strike when Democrats swing and miss. So hats off to Speaker McCarthy. I have to say, he navigated two parties these past few months. The Democrats and those in his own ranks. Impressive. And the Joe from the HageFoundation ever near men. And your new book, Cancel Culture. And Paul Fitzpatrick,president of that 1792 exchange. What do you have to say, Joe? Well, you got to give the man some love and respect. Well, I’m incredibly disappointed. Oh, I’m sure you are. Oh, tell us why. Incredibly disappointed to see what happened in these budget negotiations. We saw Republicanscave on almost every issue. In fact, total federal governmentspending in this next year is quite likely to actually rise overall. And that’sbecause only a small part of the budget nondiscretionary defensespending is set to decline. And that’s by only one fraction of 1%when all is said and done. Total government spending this coming yearunder the Republican proposal is still going to be 45%larger than it was just prior to COVID. And this budget leaves in place funding for 87,000 tax agents are going to harass small business owners. It leaves in place nearly $1 trillionpotential Biden student loan forgiveness. And it leaves in placehuge parts of the Green New Deal that was passed in the so called InflationReduction Act that will spend up to $1,000,000,000,000on cronyism, green energy investments. We are on a trajectory of fiscal insolvency and unfortunately this budget dealdoes nothing to actually allay that. So we should have just not met our debt obligationand let everything around us collapse. Is that what you say? In other wordse speaker should have never even met with the president. No compromise. Hard, hard line. And just dig in. Is that America? Is that what you want? Well, therecertainly was a lot of hysteria over it. No, no, no. Is that what you want? I have I don’t believe that anybody. But McCarthy accomplish anything. Well,if you go by what President Biden said. I’m not talking about that. I never talkedabout you inherited it from me. Did he accomplish anything? The progressive accomplished? I’m not. I know you’re not sayingMcCarthy is a progressive. I’m saying that the. Are you? I didn’t ask you about progressive. I ask you, did itspeak accomplish anything. For the progressives? Correct. And that’s the. He’sworking for the Democrats now. I this was not in I don’t believe that was intentional. But you cannot look at these numbers and think otherwise. The budget is likely to growbigger next year and then for the next. Eight year, cutting social spending,almost $1,000,000,000,000 over the next. It’s no big deal. Well, here’s. What’s asking you. Well, let me let me respond.No, let me talk to somebody else. Spending is actually going to go on. Under this package. Yeah, we hear it. We hear it. This is what’s wrong with the country, by the way. Poppy, StretchFitzpatrick, your thoughts on this? Oh, I mean, honestly,I was here coming on to talk about Target. I know you are, but we talked about this because this is what people want to hear about.