B & C | Christian Broadcasting Network Gets Trump Interview

CBN, the Christian Broadcasting Network, says it has gotten an interview with President Donald Trump that will air Sunday.

It said clips from the interview, which is being conducted Friday, will be available to news outlets starting at 2 p.m. Friday.

David Brody, who has interviewed the President more than a dozen times, according to the network, will be conducting the interview.

CBN pointed out that Sean Spicer earlier this week had given a shout out to the network.

The Trump Administration has been almost uniformly negative about major media outlets, save for Fox News, which the President has been praising as of late. But Spicer commended them for spotlighting issues others overlooked.

“There are issues that sometimes the mainstream media does not capture,” Spicer said in an interview Jan. 24, according to CBN. “Maybe by hearing from the Christian Broadcasting Network, we [will] hear about an issue that otherwise would get drowned out.”

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