Baptist Press: FLOYD: Pastors’ Conference legacy continues

ST. LOUIS (BP) — The annual Pastors’ Conference of the Southern Baptist Convention has a long-living legacy. During the days of the Conservative Resurgence, it helped set the agenda and atmosphere of the subsequent annual meeting of Southern Baptists.

3 distinctives of the Pastors’ Conference

While the agenda may change annually, these distinctive principles set the tone.

1. Preaching rules the conference.

The Pastors’ Conference highlights some of America’s finest biblical preachers and calls fellow pastors and laypersons to action.

2. Worship sets the atmosphere.

The Pastors’ Conference is distinctive due to powerful, uplifting worship. It can be a tremendous outlet for pastors and their wives.

3. Encouragement is the heart.

At its best, the Pastors’ Conference gives heart-warming, life-changing encouragement to pastors. In fact, it has been used of God to save the ministry of many pastors.

2016 — Pastors’ Conference legacy continues

Pastor John Meador of First Baptist Church in Euless, Texas, is the president of the 2016 Pastors’ Conference. He has gathered a powerful group of preachers who will not just preach the Word but encourage you to follow Jesus fully and do ministry passionately.

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