Baptist Press: FLOYD: Unity is one of our greatest needs in SBC

SPRINGDALE, Ark. (BP) — Unity demands we accept one another in love. Unity requires work — hard work. Unity is an act of humility.

In a convention of over 51,000 churches and congregations, eleven national entities and our Executive Committee, forty-two state conventions, and more than 1,000 associations, unity does not happen without intentionality.

A brief look back

As a young pastor in seminary, I remember some of the beginning days of the conservative resurgence. These were very difficult and tumultuous times. When the movement was declared successful, most were hopeful we could enter into more peaceful days together as a convention.

Unknown to us then, we were entering one of our most challenging seasons as a convention of churches.

A present reality

Southern Baptists are no longer in a battle for the Bible, but in a battle with one another. The very soul of our convention is at stake.

Almost two years ago when I became president, I was determined I would do all I could to bring us together. I have given myself to this task, not just in words, but also in deed. I have gathered groups from all sizes of congregations, groups of church leaders and convention leaders, state leaders and national leaders, and members from different ethnicities and generations. Yet, we find ourselves in a continual struggle to come together in unity. Why?

Unquestionably, we are affected by the culture we live in today.

Narcissism and independence infects us just like it does others and challenges our paradigm of working together. Transition within our national entities and state conventions is occurring, and adjusting to change can be uncomfortable.

If this was not enough, America is in an election for the office of president of the United States. Way beyond the normal, opinions on the election are not just felt, but are being expressed publicly and demonstratively.

Each of these things, and so much more I could share, challenge the very soul of our unity together.

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