Baptist Press: SBC St. Louis prayer call to be broadcast globally

ST. LOUIS (BP) — Worldwide audiences will have opportunities to support the impassioned pleas of Southern Baptists for the next great awakening, revival and other concerns at the Southern Baptist Convention’s National Call to Prayer June 14 in St. Louis.

SBC President Ronnie Floyd’s “National Call to Prayer for Spiritual Leadership, Revived Churches and Nationwide & Global Awakening” will be livestreamed and available by video on demand at, will air on the DayStar Television Network, and will be rebroadcast on Salem Radio.

Floyd expressed appreciation for the opportunity to share the event with those unable to attend the June 14-15 SBC annual meeting at the America’s Center Convention Complex.

“Through television and radio as well as the web, Baptists as well as evangelicals or any interested party can obviously get online or watch on television from all across the world,” Floyd told Baptist Press. “This is a huge opportunity for the Gospel, tremendous opportunity for Southern Baptists to forward the name of Christ around the world at no cost to the convention in relationship to that because it’s a blessing from these ministries.”

The livestream will begin at 6:30 p.m. Central Time June 14, opening with 15-minutes of worship music featuring special guests Keith and Kristyn Getty.

Catch the National Call to Prayer on the DayStar television network June 15 from 7:30 pm-9:00 pm Central Time and at other times globally. DayStar reaches more than 108 million U.S. households and over 714 million homes worldwide, a potential audience of 2 billion people.

Salem Radio has scheduled several rebroadcasts of the event June 17–19, with the broadcast times available on local listings of Salem Media Group across the nation.

“That’s powerful. The more opportunities you give people, the more they can see it and experience it,” Floyd said. “[These ministries] believe that the greatest need in America is the next great awakening, and that’s what we’re going to pray and petition God for, as well as revival of the church and also pray especially for our pastors and leaders, and their families, and all that they face in the ministry at local churches.”

Floyd also sees value in the broadcasts for international ministry workers.

“It’s also a tremendous opportunity for our missionaries and overseas personnel and our overseas Baptists who are working across the world,” Floyd said. “They’re able to have a little Americana moment by tuning in and finding out what God is doing here in America and through the Southern Baptist Convention, and will hopefully encourage them about home.”

This marks the second consecutive year Floyd has called the convention to prayer. The St. Louis event will feature a diverse group of Southern Baptist leaders and pastors.

Both days of the annual meeting and the preceding pastor’s conference June 12–13 will also be livestreamed at