Baptist Standard: SBC president among evangelicals to meet with Trump

NASHVILLE (BP)—Southern Baptist Convention President Ronnie Floyd plans to meet with presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump about his faith and values at a June 21 gathering in New York.

Family Research Council President a Tony Perkins, a Southern Baptist, and United In Purpose leader Bill Dallas, who partners with about 50 social conservative groups, recruited Floyd to serve on the steering committee for a meeting with Trump that could include up to 500 conservatives.

Members of the steering committee will question Trump before the larger meeting, billed as an opportunity to share information, values, principles and beliefs.

Trump ‘needs to hear our heart,’ Floyd said

“We want to talk to Mr. Trump humbly. He doesn’t need to hear us preach. He needs to hear our heart,” Floyd said. “We need to talk to him about what matters to us. The term evangelical is not a voting block. The term evangelical is a name tag, a declaration of who we are, about various truths of the Scripture.”

U.S. Supreme Court nomination opportunities, the sanctity of human life, religious liberty and racial reconciliation are topics Floyd hopes to address in the meeting. He expects to be able to invite other Southern Baptists to the meeting, he said, but is awaiting details.

Two former SBC presidents Jack Graham, pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, and Ed Young, pastor of Second Baptist Church in Houston, already are involved in the venture.

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