Barna | Common Ground, Hard Truths & Next Steps: A Panel on Racial Justice

In recent weeks, the United States has seen a significant rise in both peaceful demonstrations and contentious riots as people across the nation demand justice for the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and other black Americans. How can Christians across the country be ministers of peace and reconciliation in a time of unrest and injustice? Are some chasms too wide and some differences too stark?

At Barna, as David Kinnaman shared recently, we believe research is one tool that, at the least, can help us see someone else’s point of view. One recent example comes from Where Do We Go from Here?, a 2019 report assessing our nation’s reputation of racism, both past and present. In light of current events, Barna is currently offering free digital copies of Where Do We Go from Here?, which also includes commentary from a panel of expert voices in the space of racial justice. Below, we’ve compiled some of their insights into into how churches and individuals can work toward equality in our country.