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>> Weather on the nine’s every 10 minutes. Also available on the spectrum news app. >> Good morning. I’m george around and ready as soon as this is your spectrum news in 90 update. Groups across the state will be discussing florida’s new guidance on african-american history today. This morning, the tallahassee branch of the naacp will speak out against prager u being approved as an alternative curriculum. And this evening state senators from south florida will hold a town hall on the new standards. >> The polk county sheriff’s office is hosting a job fair today at their operations center. The department says all qualified applicants will get a conditional job offer right on the spot. They’re also offering additional benefits for law enforcement officers who transfer from other agencies. >> No set to release its yearly update on the atlantic hurricane outlook today. It will host a briefing to discuss current and future atmospheric and oceanic conditions and their effect on the remainder of this hurricane season. August historically marks the start of the peak of storm season with most major hurricanes developing through october. Those are some of the stories we’re following for you. Here’s a look at your klystron 9 forecast. >> I’m meteorologist juli marquez. Temperatures are soaring into the 90’s. Again, very similar to yesterday. St. Petersburg at 94 degrees. Inverness. 95 brandon, 96 degrees and same thing in winter haven today. Some isolated showers and thunderstorms will develop. But the rain chances going to be on the low side again for this time of the year. If you’re at the beaches today, high temperatures top out about 90 or 91 degrees, but a westerly wind means high humidity. The sunset city, 13. >> Parents throughout the bay area know today is the first day of school for 5 of our bay area counties with the rest heading back tomorrow and monday. >> So let’s continue our team coverage on the first day of classes in manatee county where with the new school year also comes a new superintendent. Jason, why song was sworn in as manatees? New superintendent over the summer and he’s already got a vision for what he wants to accomplish in his first year on the job. Our julia hazel is in bradenton with more. >> Good morning. That’s right. Happy first day of school. Now the new superintendent wants and what some parents know a few priorities heading into the school year in the classroom. Who wants teachers to focus on literacy every single day. He what students reading writing speaking listening. He says, practicing these skills every can help with communication, which he says will lead to long-term success in the future. But aside from curriculum, the top priority is safety and security. If we take a look back at last year, parish community high school, there were several bomb and gun threats that turned out to be unfounded and resulted in markdowns and some soon to rest going into this year. Superintendent, why song says the school board is investing in several technology hands. Campus projects to enhance security. While safety is always our number one priority. So we’re going to be focused on teaching. >> Students, those routines student safety and campus security. What once we’ve done that we’re jumping right into literacy instruction, students reading and writing every single day. Now the superintendent is stopping to several different schools in the county introducing himself to students and just giving them a warm welcome to the school year. For now in palmetto, julia, hazel spectrum news. >> Students in citrus county are also back in the classroom today like our other bay area counties, citrus schools are hard at work on filling staffing shortages. But the district is also tackling another growing problem. Yes, students will be joined by a new face one that will help detect certain substances on school campuses. Sammy the canine will be sniffing out. Vape pens, nicotine and thc in schools making him the first such canine to do so in the school district. Sammy’s new position was approved by the school board a few months ago. The idea came to school board. Police chief david vincent after noticing the amount of vape pens being brought to schools by students. He says it’s been a growing problem in recent years. >> We find these kids all just bringing them to school, going to the bathroom, sharing them with each other. And we’re just trying to get a handle on what’s happening. Try to be a preventive. >> Sammy’s handler is donna bateman, a school guardian, the district adopted sammy from a local shelter. >> As we know, plenty of students will be catching the school bus today and every day throughout the school year in pasco county officials say they’ll be focusing on route efficiency. And this year they’re using a new where’s the bus system to says it will let parents and schools now where a bus is in real time. It