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facade. Torre won the title of miss tampa last year and use it as a platform to share her mental health journey. >> But it didn’t stop there since graduating from usf. She’s now started her own nonprofit called brighter times to help destigmatize mental health. This will allow for students to feel empowered, supported, have that community, that mental health education that. >> You can be high-achieving. But this may not be a good thing. And also allows an opportunity intervention much sooner. Her goal is to eventually establish brighter times clubs and schools across the county. She wants to make sure mental health resources are more readily available for students like alabama and they say they’ll both be taking part in the club this by us speaking out and being brave. It encourages other students to speak out and be brave. Torre says to peer support and collaboration, she wants to help students navigate stress and academic demands. I’m going to do because if I can make a difference one life every day alex over 300 lives, I changed here. >> And that’s more than I could say. I was doing something as tory strives to taylor brighter times for students with the club. >> She’s hopeful her own experience overcoming mental health challenges will be the thread that ties it all together in tampa was buckled. Spectrum news. >> The goal is to establish a mental health club in all schools in hillsborough county with each school club, having a teacher and student represented. For more of your health news any time visit our website bay news 9 dot com. >> Did you guess, right? This is our very own real time traffic expert tim look how excited he is head to school for the first ok, up next, any idea who this cutie pie >> Little girl on the left is who we want you to figure out. We think this is our toughest guess. Spectrum >> Your morning news presented by chevrolet at your local chevy dealers. >> Good morning. So happy to have you with us. I’m jorja roman and andrea diaz says this is your spectrum. News in 90 update. Cross. The state will be discussing florida’s new guidance on african-american history today. This morning, the tallahassee branch of the naacp will speak out against prager u being approved as an alternative curriculum then this evening, state senators from south florida will hold a town hall on the new standards. >> Weld county sheriff’s office is hosting a job fair today at their